Greece, un reve devenu realité

Photo of Marie Noelle Anaella in Greece

Photo: Marie Noelle Anaella

When thinking of Greece, we have the tendency to collect the following clichés; bailout from the European Union (EU), jobless youth, suicidal trend among citizen, laziness, poor in knowledge, pride etc…however, this was not the same when I visited the land of Greece. I had the best and unforgettable experience in Athens. The reality was different for me when I arrived in Athens. I had the pleasure to discover another Greece, a place that struck my imagination as described by the great writers of Geography. I had previously gathered a lot of information from different sources and authors concerning this ancient State. The feelings I kept when reading books and stories about the Arena’s, Gladiator movie, the birth of democracy, justice, and human moralities. Greeks have a way of expressing their thoughts and feelings with heartfelt affection and gestures when talking about anything serious.

Photo:  Marie Noelle Anaella

In one way or another, Greece is one of those countries that fascinated me because there is a lot to behold in this land, which I would only have in my imagination. I love the Greek gastronomy, drinks, culture, and their pride. The two weeks I spent there were blissful as I enjoyed every little moment on my daily routine. I often visited local markets where I interacted with local people. At the market, every person was trying to make me taste something or try to say something in English, which created many hilarious moments. Again, vendors offered me pieces of fruits, which were juicy and delicious. It was evident that I looked and spoke different from my hosts because the locals were looking at me with curious eyes. I was excited by the art of business of the Greek fishermen who trying to convince me to buy fish I had never seen.

Photo:  Marie Noelle Anaella

I spent most of my time eating and drinking tsipouro and raki, which are locals drinks you need to try in Greece. For me, the best Souvlaki is to be found at John's place which is "Ερμής" the Greek word for the god "Hermes". To have a great view of Athens, I definitely advise you the lounge cafe "Blow" lat Castella Hill, an amazing experience. By the end of the day, I was left with a smile on my face. My hosts in Greece gave me the best experience away from home yet felt at home due to the familiarities of the local markets, their smiles, jokes and appreciation warmed my heart with compassion. Do not forget to taste their cappuccino. Greece is a GREAT destination and do not forget to visit the ISLANDS!!   

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Marie-Noelle Anaella is a creative thinker who was born in Gabon, raised in China and is now based in the Netherlands where she spends her days merging work and volunteer activities across Africa.  She is a ”Third Culture Kid” and global citizen and these experiences have changed her view of the world and have taken her to a place with deeper meanings of life.  Read more about Marie-Noelle and her travel and life journeys at her site Marie Blogging.