Jack Hanna on animal conservation, Cuba travel and packing purposefully

Jack Hanna on animal conservation, Cuba travel and packing purposefully

Jack Hanna

Aired on January 20, 2015

Today we travel to Namibia and beyond with animal conservationist and television personality Jack Hanna; we will discover Cuba through its people with Insight Cuba’s Tom Popper and Rebecca Rothney will share how people around the world are leaving positive footprints through Pack for a Purpose. 

Jack Hanna, nicknamed “Jungle Jack” is one of the most notable animal experts in the U.S.  Jack took some time away from his many filming schedule, David Letterman and other show appearances to talk to us about the successes and challenges in the world of animal conservation. 

We are going to discover Cuba through its people with Tom Popper, President of Insight Cuba.  Tom has traveled many times to Cuba and his company is one of a few that are licenses by the U.S. Treasury Department to provide tours to the beautiful island.

Our friend Rebecca Rothney will give us an update on how many travelers are leaving positive footprints when they Pack for a Purpose.  Rebecca will also share how her foundation has grown since the O Magazine feature.

Animal activist Jack Hanna

Jungle Jack Hanna explores the corners of the globe as one of the most respected animal ambassadors. His enthusiasm and “hands-on” approach to wildlife conservation has won him widespread acclaim as a conservationist, television personality, author and Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and the Wilds.

Tom Popper

“The beauty of traveling is the world unfolds in front of us in the most magical ways, and experiences appear like fruits on a tree,” says Tom Popper, President of Insight Cuba. “At Insight Cuba, we’ll show you the way and help you pick,” he adds, and no truer words could be spoken as Insight Cuba prepares to pioneer a new era in travel to Cuba. One of Tom’s greatest passions in life is his love of international travel and immersion in foreign cultures, making his decision to join Insight Cuba in 2002 inevitable.

Rebecca Rothney, founder of Pack for a Purpose

Rebecca Rothney is founder and chairperson of Pack for a Purpose®™, a newly- founded nonprofit organization dedicated to providing needed educational materials and simple medical supplies to children around the world. Pack for a Purpose is founded on the belief that individual travelers want to make a difference in the lives of others and small quantities of supplies, over time, have a big impact. The idea for Pack for a Purpose evolved from Rebecca’s travels in Africa with her husband Scott. On their second trip they had the opportunity to visit an elementary school. Working with Wilderness Safaris to find out what supplies were most needed, they brought 150 pounds of supplies to the children at the school. Seeing the students playing with the first soccer ball the school had ever had, and watching the principal’s joy at receiving the first rulers was a powerful experience for them.  By asking travelers to pack just 5 pounds (2.27 kgs.) of supplies, every traveler could easily get involved without the need for logistical support. That amount would take only a small space, require little effort, and still make a big impact.

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