Do you love wine and consider yourself to be a wine enthusiast?  Then test your palate in California wine country. After all, the state is most known for its vast wineries and beautiful landscape.  But if you need a bit of arm-twisting to inspire a visit to the Napa, Livermore and Sonoma valleys or beyond, here are five more reasons for you to visit the wine country.

1 – Unlimited Options

There is an abundance of vineyards in California–over 4,200 to be precise. Most of the wineries and vineyards are open to the public, often all year round.  This means that you can have your pick of wine stops in any direction you choose to travel in California.  As an extra bonus, Calfornia vineyards are at the forefront of incorporating sustainable winemaking practices.  (Just make sure you taste and drive responsibly.)

2 – Winery Activities

Because there are so many vineyards to choose from there are also activities at most that you can enjoy. Activities vary per each vineyards but generally they can include festivals, wine tours, individual winery ground tours, wine tasting, wine educational classes and much more.  Because there are so many offerings, it would be best to request a vacation guide or research the California wine country online before traveling.

3 – Easy to Plan

Whether you live on the other side of the coast or across the pond, it is fairly easy to plan a trip to California’s wine country.  Some nearby hotels offer vacation packages that include wine tastings.  The California Tourism Board and the California Wine Institute offer lots of travel planning resources and any travel agent can always help with booking your trip.

As for wine tours, these can be booked online or in person.  Most are guided tours that run hourly and during the late morning to mid-afternoon.

4 – Other Fun Activities for You to Enjoy

After a couple of days of wine tastings, you may want to explore the other attractions that California has to offer.  The coastline is one of the most beautiful and diverse in the world so a drive could take you to a beach, hiking trail, a boat ride for deep sea fishing or diving, shopping and much more.  You could drive an hour in any direction and experience a different climate–dessert, mountain range or beach.  If you want adventure, you’ll find it there.  Art museums and fine dining?  Look no further.  Whatever your heart desires, California’s wine country can provide it.

5 – An Unforgettable Experience

Perhaps, the greatest reasons for a trip to California wine country are the memories you will create.  California is a beautiful state and it provides the perfect backdrop to the vineyards. Plus the state offers some amazing attractions and activities so you can have your wine and enjoy everything else too.