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Cultural Heritage: History

“A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.”              — Moslih Eddin Saadi

No matter where you go, every place has a story.   From great struggles against oppressive forces to human inguenity, the people and the places who have defined significant eras in human history move many to travel see where history was made.   Being able to walk where history was made, seeing the places that shaped legendary figures or experiencing life as our ancestors did, travel allows history to come to life in ways that transcend a history book.


Varanasi: From There to Eternity
Unearth Istanbul In Rumi’s Footsteps
Traces of the Civil War In Madrid
Exploring the Depths of Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park
Backpacking Through India
The Cultural Mosaic of Lisbon
Glacier National Park: A beautiful place with an ugly history
Kashmir: Paradise in the Himalayas
Safer abroad? Black American travelers are glad to be outside the U.S.
Discover Black History and Culture While Traveling the USA
Luxembourg: Spotlight on Sustainability
Tallinn, Estonia: A perfect blend of old and new
Aran Mor: Reliving a Traditional Way of life in Ireland
Rediscovering and Reviving American Culture
Have a high time in Albuquerque
One Magical Night on the Great Blasket Island in Ireland
Why You Must Visit Warsaw: 30 Years After the Fall of Communism in Poland
What a snack from southern Spain tells you about religious persecution
Singing the country: Understanding the Aboriginal creation story
Unlocking the Flavours of Porto


Peace in Burundi
Discovering my Roots in Malaysia
Discovering Traditional Arts in Thailand’s Golden Triangle
Is It Still Midnight in Savannah?
How South Korea is Painting Its Way out of Poverty
Bringing a dark history to light in Bosnia
Offbeat India: A Pilgrimage to the Source of the Ganges
Ellijay, Georgia: Extraordinarily out of the Ordinary
How a Trip to Georgia Changed My Life
Far-east in Turkey: Sanliurfa city
Searching for Monsters and Magic in the Scottish Highlands
The Saanich Peninsula: A Family Farm Haven on Vancouver Island
Bolivia’s Las Cholitas
The Rise of Dark Tourism
St. Simons Museum Shows that War is Hell on the Home Front, Too.
Protecting Pottery and the Past
What to See and Do at Kensington Palace
Franklin, Tennessee’s Historic Trilogy
Why You Should Visit Coventry at Least Once in Your Life
Civil War History at a Crossroads
Stone Circles in the UK: Beyond Stonehenge
Ladies of Laura: A Southern Plantation Run by Women
Gangsters, Monkeys and Mines: Exploring the Diverse History of a Florida County
Amazing UK World Heritage Sites
East Coast History Road Trip
Mahabaleshwar: A Tranquil Getaway in the Western Ghats of India
Greenpoint, Brooklyn: A Polish Neighborhood
The Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond
Visiting Panama’s Embera People
Chilean Tourism and the Indigenous Mapuche

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5 Recently Added Sites To The UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites List
TODAY IN HISTORY: Vancouver burns down (June 13, 1886)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s Birthday (June 11, 1910)
TODAY IN HISTORY: D-Day (June 6, 1944)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Big Ben (May 31, 1850)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Dedication of Lincoln Memorial (May 30, 1922)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Peter Minuit Buys Manhattan (May 24, 1626)
TODAY IN HISTORY: The Founding of the American Red Cross (May 21, 1881)
TODAY IN HISTORY: The Establishment of Las Vegas (May 15, 1905)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Florence Nightingale is born (May 12, 1820)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Freedom Riders take to the road (May 4, 1961)
TODAY IN HISTORY: King James Bible published (May 2, 1611)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Dedication of the Empire State Building (May 1, 1931)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Founding of the Library of Congress (April 24, 1800)
TODAY IN HISTORY: The First Earth Day (April 22, 1970)
TODAY IN HISTORY: The Republic of Ireland Act (April 18, 1948)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Signing of Civil Rights Act (April 11, 1968)
TODAY IN HISTORY: The Titanic’s Maiden Voyage (April 10, 1912)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Robert E. Lee Surrenders (April 9, 1865)
Today in History: Irish Government Bill 1886 (April 8, 1886)
Today in History: Establishment of the World Health Organization (April 7, 1948)
Today in History: The First Modern Olympics (April 6, 1896)
TODAY IN HISTORY: The First Pony Express Run (April 3, 1860)
TODAY IN HISTORY: Inauguration of the Eiffel Tower (March 31, 1889)