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Cultural Heritage: Literature and Music

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”               – St. Augustine

Learning about the places that shaped and inspired writers and musicians can add deeper understanding to a work of literature or a song.  Because of the significance these works have in our lives, traveling to explore the life of a famous writer or see the creative communities that produced music for defining a generation can touch and enrich travelers in profound ways. 


Philanthropist and Author David Rubenstein on Leadership and Travel
Controlling the Narratives on Race, Transformation and Travel


World Footprints Holiday Music Special
Exploring Iceland by Land and Sea
In the Footsteps of Birmingham’s Civil Rights Movement (Lowell Thomas Award-Winning show)
Beyond New Orleans French Quarter
UN Foundation’s Girl Up! conference
New Orleans’ Hidden Black History
Celebrating Black History – In Literary Color


Following Dracula’s Trail, Paranormal Photography and Defeating Human Traffickers
National Geographic Adventure, Born To Explore & Cherry Blossoms Centennial
Travels with Maya Angelou, Ellis Marsalis, Sandra Izsadore and Michele Wood
Travel Photography, Patricia Cornwell, Children’s Museum, David Rockefeller, Jr.


Walking and singing our way through Birmingham, Alabama’s rich history
North American Int’l Auto Show & Lansing treasures


New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2012 – Hour 2
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2012 – Hour 1
A Taste of New Orleans
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2010 – Hour 2
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2011 – Hour 2
Touring Ireland and introducing Irish Tenor Michael Londra
Traveling with singers Gloria Loring, Rene Marie and Rockin’ Dopsie, Jr.


New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2011 – Hour 1
Adventurous Women, The Amazing Race, Trusted Traveler Program
James Carville and Mary Matalin on New Orleans; living along Paris’s rue des Martyrs
From Virginia’s Fort Monroe to Namibia’s Swakopmund and Mondesa districts
Life as a DEA agent & surviving child trafficking
Inside the Calgary Stampede and Siksika Nation
Bermuda Day and Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum
Chatting with actress/singer Gloria Loring and Cruising the Amazon


Exploring Israel on foot, Dr. Seuss’s humanity and preserving Eritrean culture through Art
A conversation with Maya Angelou and revisiting Detroit
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2014: History and Voodoo (Hour 2)
Exploring the Houmas House Plantation & New Orleans history
Wayward and Vagabondish travelers, a Dogs Vacay
Traveling Maryland’s “Star-Spangled Banner” Trail
Oscar nominee director Bob Bilheimer tackles social issues, Lithuanian musician and good Packing
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2013 – Hour One
Exploring the island of Saint Vincent
BOOK CLUB: The Long Ride & Children’s book club
Grammy-nominee Rene Marie sings Eartha Kit and Cheetah Conservation
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2014: History, Music & WWII Museum (Hour 1)
America by Harley, Roller Coaster Thrills and California Wines
Peter Greenberg, Travel Friends & Jazz
Sochi beyond the Paralympics
Black Patriots and Global Learning
Gary Chapman’s Love Languages, Global Volunteers and Circumnavigating the Globe


Inside National Geographic Traveler, Buddha Bar DC and eco-friendly jewelry
Eco-couture, Green Dubai & Stone Walls by Ansel Adams protege
The Transformative Power of Music and Film
Endangered Languages, Culinary Dreams and Sylvia’s Children non-profit
A Paralympian’s Story, California History & Ending Human Trafficking
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2013 – Hour Two
BOOK CLUB: A Journey into Dorothy Parker’s New York
Mother, Daughter & Girlfriend Getaways
BOOK CLUB: A Far Cry From Sunset
Breaking Barriers, Maya Roads & Ethical Fashion
American Uprising, the Polaris Project & a SEAsoned Chef
BOOK CLUB: “Coincidence is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous”
From Folk music and Jazz
GOLD AWARD: On The Road to Freedom, a civil rights trail
DC Environmental Film Festival, London 2012 Paralympics & Summers Off
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2010 – Hour 1
FilmAid International, Mystery at Sea & Accessible Travel Tips
The artist voice from Hollywood, New York and Beyond
Living Silent, Norway’s Perfume and Discovering Burma


America’s Great Migration, Gospel and Panda-monia
LEGACY SHOW: Crazy River, Spirit Stones, Maya 2010 for Authors Corner – May 12,2012


Music Revolution, Everett Potter’s Travel Report and ecofashion
LEGACY SHOW: RFK Jr’s Reflections, Green Living, and Letters to Zerky

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