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Global Citizenship: Social Responsibility

“Learn to do common things uncommonly well; we must always keep in mind that anything that helps full the dinner pail is valuable.”               ― George Washington Carver

What does it mean to be a responsible traveler?   It means much more than just traveling light, recycling plastic bottles or even reusing your hotel bath towels.  Those things are great first steps but being a responsible traveler is a “heart action”.A socially responsible traveler has a heart for people.  He/she ensures that negative social, economic and environmental impacts are minimized and that positive footprints that enhance economic benefits for local people and host communities are the only thing left behind. Bottom line, a social responsible traveler is a global citizen and ambassador for humanity. 


UN Foundation’s Girl Up! conference
UN Foundation: Women’s Voices in Fragile States


Exploring Jordan, Art of Dr. Seuss, Ken Burns
Following Dracula’s Trail, Paranormal Photography and Defeating Human Traffickers
SPECIAL: Remembering 9/11
Travel Photography, Patricia Cornwell, Children’s Museum, David Rockefeller, Jr.


Exploring Colombia


Goa, actress Stefanie Powers, Friendly Planet Travel
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2012 – Hour 2
New Orleans’ French Quarter Festival 2012 – Hour 1
From “The Amazing Race” to “The Great Human Race” with “Raw Travel” and Dominica


Saving the Cheetah, Reviving Detroit, Sailing with Rick Steves
IZOD Indycar”s Simona de Silvestro, History of Catholicism & Panther Conservation
Cultural Immersion, Diplomacy & Malaysian Flavors
Make A Wish, Adventure Travel Law, Globetrotting Lessons
White House Travel Summit explores Global Citizenship
Resorts of St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Yahoo! travel editor, historic San Antonio and Orlando beyond the theme parks
Jack Hanna on animal conservation, Cuba travel and packing purposefully


South Africa beyond safari to student exchanges, conservation and Nelson Mandela’s legacy
CBS Daytime Stars making a difference
Actor Eric Braeden, Spanish Cuisine & RARE animal Conservation
Oscar nominee director Bob Bilheimer tackles social issues, Lithuanian musician and good Packing
BOOK CLUB: The Long Ride & Children’s book club
Grammy-nominee Rene Marie sings Eartha Kit and Cheetah Conservation
Actress Heather Tom, dining with Chef Jose Pizarro and sharing cross-cultural communication
Black Patriots and Global Learning
Gary Chapman’s Love Languages, Global Volunteers and Circumnavigating the Globe


Inside National Geographic Traveler, Buddha Bar DC and eco-friendly jewelry
Exploring the island of Bequia
Global Hunger Conference – The Fight Against Famine
Actress Kate Linder, Peace through Tourism, Girlfriend Getaways and Mancations
BOOK CLUB: The Long Ride
Norfolk’s Underground Railroad, Student Travel and Decoding Autism
Breaking Barriers, Maya Roads & Ethical Fashion
Actor Eric Braeden, Exploring Egypt & Voluntourism
Inspiring Paralympians on the World Stage
LEGACY SHOW: Touring Israel and Gandhi town hall
Raising the Titanic, Homeless Soccer and exploring Blackfoot country
FilmAid International, Mystery at Sea & Accessible Travel Tips
Living Silent, Norway’s Perfume and Discovering Burma


America’s Great Migration, Gospel and Panda-monia


Celebrating Veterans Day, Chatting with Don Diamont and Christian Siriano, plus Maya 2012
Children of Civil Rights and Defenders of Human Rights


MythBusters, Humane Society’s Travel and Living Without Reservations
How Grassroot Soccer is transforming lives
Soccer and a “Survivor” Against Domestic Violence
LEGACY SHOW: Dance, Soccer & an Iron Chef for Humanity
LEGACY SHOW: Sustainability in Africa with Novus International from the US-Africa Summit
LEGACY SHOW: Corporate Social Responsibility from the US-Africa Summit
LEGACY SHOW: Expedition to Bolivia (cont.)


LEGACY SHOW: Volunteer Vacations 101
LEGACY SHOW: Deep in the Heart of Amarillo, Texas
LEGACY SHOW: Accessible travel with Victor Pineda
LEGACY SHOW: Immersion Travel USA and “Bucket List” Destinations

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