“We cannot hope to create a sustainable culture with any but sustainable souls.”                                  ― Derrick Jensen

Sustainable Travel is the twin sister of responsible tourism.  Both are focused on the impact that tourism has on local communities, but sustainable tourism is also concerned with conservation and tourism development’s environmental impact. 

Wine glass at sunset

Celebrating “Down to Earth Month” with Sustainable California Wines

This show illuminates the intersection of the California winegrowing industry and environmental activism.   Read more

United States Agritourism Sustainability

How to Travel Sustainably Post-Pandemic

By Elizabeth Waddington

After months of lockdowns and restrictions, many of us are understandably raring to get back out there and travel again.   Read more

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Plastic garbage on a beach in Bali

Bali battles a plastic ocean while eagerly awaiting economic respite

By Bianca Caruana

As if Bali hasn’t been suffering enough with the economic blow of COVID-19, locals are also battling a catastrophic environmental disaster as an abnormal amount of plastic washes up along popular tourist beaches Kuta & Seminyak.   Read more

Asia Social Responsibility Sustainability
Main Street photo courtesy of Breckenridge Tourism Office. Photo: Jeff Andrew

Save Money and the Planet in Breckenridge

By Kerri Smith

Crisp, fresh air that purifies the senses. Golden aspens shimmering in the sunlight. Clean, white snow blanketing the ground.   Read more

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Guatemala Girls selling handicrafts. Photo Terri Marshall

Traveling Post COVID-19: Focusing on Sustainable Tourism

By Terri Marshall

With the COVID-19 virus attacking our world, looking on the bright side seems like a daunting task. But as with every cloud, a silver lining emerges, and while it may not be visible to all humans, it is crystal clear for our planet. The temporary halt of travel gave the … Read more   Read more

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Strawpocolyse by Ben Von Wong

Making an Impact with Photography

We all have gifts that we are called to share with the world. Meet Ben Von Wong, a Canadian artist, activist, and photographer best known for his environmental art installations and hyper-realist art style. Ben is focused on amplifying impact with a mission to make ‘impact’ unforgettable. See for yourself … Read more   Read more

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Luxembourg: Spotlight on Sustainability

By Katy Spratte Joyce

“Luxembourg? You’re going to Luxembourg? Where is that? What’s even there?”  Such was the remarkably common response when I shared my early 2020 Euro-trip itinerary with friends and family. Even the majority of my well-traveled writer colleagues hadn’t ever considered a trip there.  With just a quick week to spend … Read more   Read more

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Boardwalk closure due to covid-19

Exploring Until the World Opens Back Up

We can’t travel at the moment…but it’s OK because we’ll be able to again soon. Right now it’s important that we stay home. While home we can satisfy our wanderlust by traveling virtually. We can enjoy a safari or visit places we’ve only dreamed about –all online. We can also … Read more   Read more

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Relaxing by a lake

Global health crisis brings a much-needed break for nature

By Jessica Barrett

It’s been a rough couple weeks, to say the least. Between market crashes, economic uncertainty, and ever-increasing virus numbers on this side of the world, the news has been kind of… well, gloomy. And that’s understandable. People are scared for both their health and their livelihoods. But it’s also the … Read more   Read more

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Coronavirus Side Effect Leads To Clearer Venice Canal

With the world on edge due to the coronavirus pandemic, it appears that social distancing and mandatory shut-ins have affected the Venice canal waters. The waters are crystal-clear, which has led to the sights of swans, fish and dolphins.   Italy has been locked down since March 8, which means … Read more   Read more

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Tallin Old Town Estonia compliments of Visit Estonia. photo Andrea Forlani

Tallinn, Estonia: A perfect blend of old and new

By Katy Spratte Joyce

There’s a reason overtourism was chosen as one of the Oxford English Dictionary’s words of the year for 2018–it is a chronic issue plaguing the world today. Defined as “an excessive number of visitors heading to famous locations, damaging the environment and having a detrimental impact on resident’s lives”, overtourism is something … Read more   Read more

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Zero Waste earth

Zero-waste travel: Can it be done?

By Jessica Barrett

Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge push for greater sustainability and concrete steps towards reducing waste. San Francisco was the first American city to ban plastic bags back in 2007 (and many more followed suit), new bulk food stores are opening up around the world, and places like Singapore … Read more   Read more

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Orangutang in Sumatra

The positive influence of eco-tourism in Sumatra

By Bianca Caruana

Green Hill tracking rangers in the village of Tualang Gepang, North Sumatra, received a call last month concerning a solitary orangutan who had wandered up a durian tree nearby the local village. The great ape was spotted by villagers who notified the rangers, and the case was quickly escalated to … Read more   Read more

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Eco-lodge photo by Chelsea Wiersma

Traveling with small footprints: A guide to eco-tourism

By Chelsea Wiersma

Eco-tourism has been rapidly growing in popularity over recent years. There are now eco-friendly stores, eco-lodges, vegan restaurants, and sustainably made products in almost every major travel destination. It is the responsibility of travelers to be mindful of their impact on the environment and make informed decisions while exploring our … Read more   Read more

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The Musée des Confluences is a science centre and anthropology museum in Lyon, France.

The rise of ‘second city’ travel

By Katherine Bertrand

I’m going to take a wild guess here: following your latest travel adventure, the story you were most excited to entertain your friends and family with wasn’t one of the long, winding lines at the Louvre. Or the sea of tourists obstructing your view of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. … Read more   Read more

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