Travel By Design: Off the Beaten Path

Hiking Dominica's national trail

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”                –Ralph Waldo Emerson

Whether wandering off the tourist drags, or getting off the superhighways to find a surprising “gem” of a restaurant, attraction or activity not well known to the traveling public, going off the beaten path rewards event the most intrepid traveler.   It may take a sense of adventure or courage—or both, but going where few travelers go can provide a fresh source of travel stories and memories, while helping to bring tourism to places often overlooked.

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Greece By Sea


Chernobyl: most strangely enjoyable travel experience
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St. Catharine’s, Ontario: Experiencing the Impact of Harriet Tubman
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Goa: It’s Not All About The Hippies
A Trip to Burundi
Eco-tourism in Barbados
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On Freedom’s Trail in South Africa: A Personal Journey to Places Shaping the Rainbow Nation
Washington, DC: Beyond the National Mall
Walking in the footsteps of Elizabeth I
Magnificent Monaco
36 Hours in Reykjavik
To ski or not to ski–where should you go?
The Hills have Eyes in South Dakota
ZAÑA – the Peruvian ghost town that still lives
Emerging ecotourism destinations in Europe
Mysterious Crosses at Czech-German Borders
PITIGLIANO: Jewish Heritage and Medieval History in Italy
Essaouira, Morocco – More than just a Jimi Hendrix haven
When Hollywood and Literary Tours collide
Paris is a city of wonderful museums
Exploring Botswana’s wonderful wilderness
Into the Mouth of the Dragon! Exploring Majorca’s Drach Caves
Endless opportunities for fun in the Caribbean sun
Exploring the Kingdom of Bhutan
Crete – a Mediterranean gem
The Falkland Islands – a bird watchers paradise
Traveling through Manila – the capital of the Philippines with a lot to offer
Thailand’s hidden cave – Pang Mapha
Angling for more than Piranha in Brazil
Mozambique: Navigating this new travel hotspot


Corporate Global Citizenship – Aligning Business with Social Impact
Rarotonga: The jewel of the Cook Islands
Underground Treasure: Poland’s Wieliczka Salt Mine
America under the radar
5 reasons to visit California’s wine country
Medieval Festival of Souvigny, France takes you back in time
Jordan – a country that offers something for everybody
Backpacking South East Asia оn аn Adventurous Route
Learn the Joy of Winter Camping

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