The USA is a pretty big place, and when it comes to tourism and vacations, it can be difficult to determine where exactly you can go to best take advantage of all that the nation has to offer. The USA can be an intriguing place if you know where to look, and in most cases the best and most charming places to visit as a foreigner are not always the most egregious. Sometimes to find America’s true charm, one needs to look a little closer, beyond the lights and the glamour to locate those attractions that are sometimes overlooked by travelers.

U.S. Virgin Islands: Few can deny the attraction that are the virgin islands, each of which has proven its self-distinct from the other in geography and identity, such as the luxuriantly endowed national park punctuated by tents and cabins as well as isolated beaches that is St. John, the eco-friendly budget acceptable establishments at Maho Bay camps; along with the various inns, the virgin islands offer beautiful sandy beaches with clear weather without crippling your wallet.

Hawknest Bay on St. John’s in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  Photo:  Reinhard Link

Hudson River Valley, New York: Hudson river valley is a must stop for any visitors new to New York, providing a sometimes much needed break from the city with its wineries and exquisite eateries stocked with ingredients fresh from the farm, while providing a diverse choice of menus.

Bear Mountain, NY in the Hudson River Valley.  Photo:  Daniel Mennerich

Four Corners: This geological wonder, in the south west, one of the most popular of the states of Colorado, new Mexico, Utah and Arizona, states that share a border, is an archeologically endowed hotspot, offering sights the likes of Monument valley and related towers, the occasional Hollywood star and national parks, all wrapped up in a small one hundred mile package.

Yellowstone National Park: Over one hundred forty years ago, Yellowstone opened as the first nation park in the world, and currently attracts over four million visitors annually. And while these number wane in the winter, the sights aren’t any less breath taking, with the frozen water falls, invigorated geysers and a whole load of snowy fun.

Gold Country, California: Talk about great mountains in the US and names such as Yosemite pop up, rarely taking into account gold country only a small distance from San Francisco. Though that might be the advantage, it is a less crowded attraction. Gold country is an ambient picture of history, with scatterings of charming little towns planted throughout the region, caves and wineries of a quality that has been known to compete with the likes of Napa, winter attractions such as snow parks and bear valley, providing abundant entertainment for kids whilst making available a series of extreme snow sports and activities for those more adventurous spirits.

Hawaii: This large island is a hub of culture, rich cuisine and lush landscapes. Many a tourist has attested to the magical nature of Hawaii, with its hike friendly caves, waterfalls, breathtaking beaches and assortment of water sports.

Maui.  Photo: Dr Onepicr