If you’re looking for a new destination to explore, consider the Mediterranean island of Crete.  Outside of Europe, Crete is a hidden gem that has a treasure trove of unique and interesting attractions.  Being the biggest and often regarded as the most beautiful Greek Island, Crete offers a wealth of experiences for visitors of all ages.

Crete has long-been a top tourist destination in Europe and as the fifth biggest island in the Mediterranean, it continues to reward people who choose to go there.  If you wanted somewhere to just relax and admire the scenery, Crete boasts stunning mountains, a beautiful coastline that extends a thousand kilometers, white sandy beaches, and clear blue waters. However, if you were more into your history and want to learn on your trip, you will also find a number of museums and tours that inform you of the island’s history. Of course, no trip would be complete without decent food and Crete can also offer this with an abundance of high-quality restaurants and an array of foods from different regions and cultures. What’s more, the island also has an amazing nightlife and even tours that celebrate wine.

Some interesting archaeological sites can be found on Crete including the Minoan civilisation, the gorge of Samaria, the Venetian old city with the castle at Rethymno and port of Chania.  Also, the surrounding islands of Spinalonga, Chrysi, Elafonisi , Gramvousa, and the Palm Beach of Vai, which is the largest natural palm forest in Europe, would be worth a visit.

In addition to its wildlife, Crete is known for its culture of healthy diet and traditions of wine making. The island has an abundance of grapes and the healthy fruit is used in local dishes as well as wine production. Historians have found that inhabitants on the island have been enjoying wine for more than 4,000 years and we’re known for the export of wine to powerful countries like Egypt.  Today, Crete is one of the largest exporters of wine much of Europe and the growth in winemaking traditions and techniques continue to pass from generation to generation. Proud locals are always happy to offer wine tours through their vineyards.

For all of the above reasons, Crete is a great option for a holiday break.  In addition, the locals are friendly and are always happy to assist you. Whether you want to relax with the scenery, learn about times gone by, or gain some new experiences, Crete can offer something for you and more!