When people decide to look for a ‘relaxing’ holiday or a location where they can leave all their worries behind for a week or two, a common location is the Caribbean. In truth, after looking at some destinations and different islands, it doesn’t take long to realize why. Although there are many reasons why the Caribbean is popular, the one obvious feature is the crystal blue water.

The Caribbean is a haven for water sports enthusiasts.  Snorkeling, boating, water skiing, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing and windsurfing are among some of the more popular water activities that are available.  Snorkeling and scuba diving offer the most intimate exposure to under water life if you seek that type of immersion experience.  Many islands have underwater parks and protected reserves that showcase a variety of colorful fish, reefs and sea plants.

But if you want to just ‘chill’ and enjoy some fun family time, a beach is always close by for those who just want to soak of the sun or splash water.  Don’t forget to apply sufficient sun screen when outside.  Most resorts on the islands offer equipment to rent and that makes for a convenient outing.  More importantly, resorts will either have an instructor on-site or close by to provide lessons for any of these activities.

Perhaps you want to enjoy the outdoors but you also want to explore, considering drifting on a glass-bottomed boat for a truly unique experience. As the name suggests, the bottom of the boat is clear which allows you to view the marine life right underneath where you are sitting.  In some spots, kayaks are available to take you to more secluded spots that you can explore above or below the surface.

The Caribbean offers endless opportunities for water sports and relaxation.  But a visit to any of the islands would not be complete until you’ve enjoyed the local cuisine and mixed with the residents.  Traveling through your palate is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can have and learning about an island through its residents would be most memorable.