For amazing safari adventures, you won’t find many places that rival the African country of Botswana.

You can take in the exceptional views that only Botswana has to offer, where humans are one with the wildlife, as animals roam free across the open plains.

Guided trips are available for regulars and those new to the survivalist world, through Sanctuary Retreats. This company is dedicated to luxury African safaris and cruises, and should be your first stop for taking part in these life-changing experiences in style.

At the Okavango Delta, you can try the company’s popular two-night skills adventure trip—Delta Bush Skills Adventure. Baines’ Camp, an exquisite location with the Boro River as its backdrop, is center stage for this incredible experience. It is here that patrons discover their inner survivalist while learning skills necessary to take on the African jungle.

Make sure you come willing to soak up all the knowledge your skilled trainers have, as from the first day you’ll have lessons in: tracking game, making fishing spears from natural materials and ropes,  mokoro poling (dugout canoe), and basic botany for survival—so you know which plants you can eat, and which you should steer clear of.

The learning doesn’t stop there and after you’ve had a good rest in one of the five luxury suites, and taken a morning swim in the communal swimming pool, it’s off to get hands-on again. On the second day visitors learn how to: navigate like the natives using the sun and stars, build shelters, harvest palm nuts, and weave baskets. The latter two activities are taught by local women, and the results make for great gifts or souvenirs to take home from Botswana.

While much of your time will be spent gaining valuable survival skills, make sure to climb up to the camp’s large wooden deck one evening. From there not only are the sunset and sunrise absolutely breathtaking, but lions and hippos bask in all Botswana’s glory.

What are you waiting for? Get your glammed-up survivalist hat on, and take a chance on Botswana.