One of the most serene and unexplored territories of the world, The Kingdom of Bhutan is a culturally rich country where nature unfolds its wonders. Located towards the eastern extreme of the Himalayas mountain range, Bhutan is located between China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar. Tourists to Bhutan can be assured of an unparalleled cultural and adventurous experience. You can indulge yourself in rich experiences such as trekking, hiking, climbing and mountain biking owing to the natural landscape of Bhutan.

With a vast unexplored territory, you will be amazed with every area to travel in Bhutan. With the mighty rivers and fresh streams all over the nation, it is a treat to the eyes of nature lovers. Fishing and cultural activities happen in full swing in this South Asian country. Bhutan has a rich history and is a confluence of different cultures.

While visiting Bhutan, you will be spellbound by the crystal-clear lakes and beautiful mountain vistas in the backdrop. The spring-fed streams support an abundant population of fish and there are Bhutan-based travel companies that offer several day fishing and camping trip packages to the famous Pho Chu and Punatsang rivers. Camping and fishing in the high-altitude picturesque setting can be one of the most relaxing experiences you will ever have.  As a complement a fishing experience, there are opportunities to enjoy the local culinary specialties as well as cultural treasures of Buddhist temples and fortresses.

In addition to the cultural treasures, Bhutan is also rich in flora and fauna, with 770 species of birds discovered so far with rare and threatened varieties still being discovered.  Nearly three-quarters of Bhutanese countryside is covered by vegetation and the Government has imposed strict conservation laws to ensure that the forests and the wildlife that calls it home are left untouched.

The rugged mountains of Bhutan and challenging to navigate but they attract mountaineers, hikers and rock climbers. Mountain bikers can also enjoy an unparalleled experience while traveling through the dangerous and risky mountain passes.  There are tour companies that can arrange guided groups  and that is the best way to travel now since trekking the mountain range is somewhat new and very challenging.