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9/11 Heroes and Survivors

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The guests on World Footprints show commemorating 9/11 are men and women who displayed courage in the face of danger and resilience in the face of loss and uncertainty.  We salute and honor them all!  NEVER FORGET!

  • Colonel Jeffrey B. Cashman, US Air Force: On September 11, 2001, then Major Cashman was one of the first US military pilots nationwide to take to the air on a domestic armed combat air patrol.
  • William Layer, US Army National Guard: Was in his Pentagon Office in the D Ring (river side) at the time of the attack.  Assisted in evacuation.
  • Nicole B. Simpson: Worked on the 73rd floor in Tower II at the World Trade Center.  She assisted in the evacuation of her staff.  Nicole is a supporter of survivors and advocated on behalf of mental and financial assistance for the many individuals who are still affected by the events of 9/11.
  • Geof Morin, American Bible Society:  Geof was in Pennsylvania on the day of the attack.  He joined World Footprints to share how the American Bible Society was a first-responder of a different kind.  The organization immediately sought to provide comfort and hope and created a small pamplet of scriptures that encouraged strength.
  • Lauren Manning:  When a wall of flame at the World Trade Center burned more than 80 percent of her body, Lauren began a journey of survival and rebirth that tested her almost beyond human endurance.

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