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Anna Barrera

Photograph of Indigenous Tourism consultant Anna Barerra

Anna Barrera is the founder of A2B Consulting.  As a sustainable tourism and hospitality consultant, Anna has worked with both public and private sector clients in the United States and abroad.  She has professional experience in strategic planning, product development, marketing, and capacity building.  Anna is particularly passionate about promoting indigenous tourism enterprises as a driver for economic development in Native communities.

Anna attended Northwestern University, earning a B.S. in Sociology and Communication Studies.  She also holds a Master of Tourism Administration from the George Washington University School of Business, with a focus in Sustainable Destination Management.  Prior to the tourism field, she worked in institutional asset management for several years.  Anna loves to travel (of course!), hike, and cook international cuisine.  She resides in Washington, DC with her partner and a very misanthropic canine.

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