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Billy Franks

Singer Billy Franks

Billy Franks was the lead singer and songwriter for the 80’s band “The Faith Brothers,” whose two albums with Virgin Records and six singles all made the UK chart. They toured with U2, REM and The Who, and the UK newspapers described Billy Franks as “imagine the craftsmanship of McCartney combined with the power of Springsteen” and as “penning classics and garnering praise from Bono, Peter Gabriel and Oasis.” Along the way, he collaborated with Prince Harry on the charity single “Beautiful Game.” But before all that, Billy Franks was a foster kid living in extreme poverty in the worst part of London. It was an accidental run-in with the dramatic and musical arts at age 8 that turned Billy’s childhood around, enabling him to make sense out of a life that at first seemed unfair, unjust and on a road to nowhere, saying, “It was like looking at the love of your life in the arms of another guy.” So, bottom-line, for impoverished kids everywhere, we need the impossibility of his album, in which this book is based, to become possible – to prove that through hard work, dedication, passion and talent, you can truly click your shoes like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and a new reality can come into play. Billy Franks joined World Footprints as a Book Club author when he was interviewed about his book “A Far Cry From Sunset” that chronicled his journey with three friends who traveled through five countries on two continents to get 10 major recording artists to record a tribute album for one unknown songwriter–HIM.  Listen to Billy’s Book Club interview HERE.

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