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Eric and Christi Grab

Authors Eric and Christi Grab

Eric and Christi Grab both grew up in Southern California and attended San Diego State, though they did not meet until years after they had both graduated. Eric followed a successful technical path of computer science and software engineering, and helped start three companies, including DivX. Eric has received several patents for his innovative technology and is considered a Digital Rights Management/Online Security expert. Christi joined the mortgage industry shortly after finishing college. When the boom started, she opened her own mortgage related business that prospered. Both loved to travel. In 2003, when they got engaged, they decided to take time away from their careers to travel the world on a boat. The only problem was they knew nothing about boating! After four years of preparation, they left on their world wide journey, which they completed in two years. Eric has returned to his software career. Christi has started a new career as an author and speaker.  Read more about Eric and Christi’s adventure on their blog.

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