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Field Morey

Field Morey, pilot

Field Morey was literally born into aviation. The son of an aviation pioneer, Field was born the day his father, Howard Morey, received a contract to be the first airport manager for the city of Madison, Wisconsin. His father named him “Field”.
As a Certified Flight Instructor, he has taught over 1,000 students in his 50 years and has licensed over 2,000 pilots as a FAA Designated Pilot Examiner.
Field holds an Airline Transport Pilot’s License and has logged over 34,000 hours – the equivalent of literally being in flight for almost four years. More than half of this time has been in the right seat as flight instructor.
Field has been designated as Flight Instructor of the Year by the FAA on two ocassions. And in 2004, Field was inducted into the Aviation Hall of Fame at the EAA Headquarters in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. In 1980, together with co-pilot Oliver Smithies, he set a world record crossing the Atlantic ocean in a single-engine Cessna 210.
Currently, through Morey’s West Coast Adventures, Field offers IFR flight training adventures to Alaska, the Rocky Mountains, the Idaho backcountry, or IFR Mini-Adventures to the Pacific Northwest, California, and the Southwest so pilots can experience real time weather and terrain in IFR flights with a CFI.
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