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Jeff Nilsson

Historian Jeff Nilsson

Historian, author, and researcher, Jeff Nilsson, M.A., is the Director of Archives at the Saturday Evening Post. His expertise is early 20th century American history, and the changes in this era’s technology, society and popular culture. He specializes in experiential history; i.e., how events, inventions, and products felt to Americans of the time. Each week, Mr. Nilsson researches and writes a web feature that focuses on a different news item from America’s past as reported in the Saturday Evening Post. As the Post’s Archive Director, he is currently building a digital archive of the magazine. When finished, it will provide a detailed guide to the Post’s 190 years of publication. Besides writing a regular feature for the magazine’s website (, he also writes and researches historical material for the Post’s print edition.  His background includes graduate studies in American history at the University of New Mexico and Eastern Michigan University. He has also worked with Historical Research Partners of New Mexico, where he investigated and developed the “Blacks in the West” program, which examined the history of African Americans in the western United States. He began his researching career as a forensic investigator, working with the Indiana State Police and the Wisconsin Department of Justice. For twenty years, he was a freelance writer and communications instructor.

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