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Mitty Mirrer

Mitty Mirrer, filmmaker of Gold Star Children

Mitty Griffis Mirrer is an independent documentary filmmaker, award winning journalist and military survivor who has spent the past decade gathering the voices of widows, widowers and children of war from two generations. In 1997, Mirrer earned a Regional Edward R Murrow for her documentary series on her own family’s journey to Vietnam. Through the documentary series, Mirrer began to understand the loss of not knowing her Marine father, William A. Griffis III, who was killed in Vietnam in 1970.  More importantly, Mirrer began to understand the greater impact on her life of never talking about his life or his death.   The inspiration for GOLD STAR CHILDREN came when Mirrer volunteered as a mentor to a child whose father was killed while serving In Iraq.  She recognized the needs of this child and all of the children who have lost a parent to war. Mirrer produced and directed GOLD STAR CHILDRENGOLD STAR CHILDREN follows the parallel journeys of two generations: today’s war orphans, and the now-adult children whose fathers were killed in the Vietnam War.  Together in this film, two generations of Gold Star children grieve, love and hope.  Mirrer also founded Gold Star Children, a non-profit, to use film and interactive media to raise awareness for children who have lost a parent to war. For each child in this film, there are hundreds whose stories remain untold, but reflect the same tragedy and heartache. Yet, like the children in the film, they are resilient and strong, growing up to epitomize the very best of America’s spirit of public service and coming together after tragedy. These families understand the heart of America in a way that few others do. They are the faces of war on the home front and their inspiring stories of growth and love after going through trauma and living with loss, deserves to be heard. Mirrer was also a fellow at the William Joiner Center for the study of war and social consequences at the University of Massachusetts in Boston.  She lives in Providence Rhode Island with her husband and two children.

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