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Nancy Rivard

nancy Rivard with Airline Ambassadors International

Nancy Rivard founded Airline Ambassadors International (AAI) to provide humanitarian aid to children in need and international development and relief to under-privileged communities around the world. AAI is the only non-profit leveraging connections with the airline industry to facilitate humanitarian efforts, and is recognized by the US Congress and the United Nations. Prompted by the death of her father, Nancy left a management track with American Airlines to begin a profound search for meaning. During the next seven years, she traveled the world and saw glaring inequities, between the developed and developing world.  She founded Airline Ambassadors to provide a way for individuals to match their unique interests and skills to actual world need. It began with airline personnel and now has expanded to 6000 members of all professions.  AAI gives individuals the opportunity to be of extra-ordinary service to one another.  Airline Ambassadors brought in 17 airplanes with 600 medical personnel and 3 million lbs of desperately needed food, water and medical supplies in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.  Teams have hand-delivered over $50 million of aid to children in 51 countries in orphanages, clinics and remote communities. Members have started schools, clinics, housing projects and vocational training programs, impacting over 500,000 children.

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