Summer months are here, so if you’re looking for a destination that mixes in some fascinating history with the normal sun, sand and sea, why not give Majorca a try!

If you and your family enjoy experiencing historical sites and you are going to be in Majorca, you should do yourselves a favor and make the effort to visit the Caves of the Dragon, or as it is known locally, the Coves del Drac. These four old caves, also known as the Drach Caves (Dragon Caves), are located approximately a half-mile away from Majorca’s Portocristo area. They were discovered about 300 years ago and are steeped in myth and history.

Photo: Krzysztof Belczyński

A 14th century governor of Majorca sent groups of his men into the cave in hopes of locating the famed missing treasures of the Knights Templar; however, no one knows whether or not the men found anything of value. The ‘Dragon Caves’ name came about from when pirates allegedly stored their missing treasure in them, supposedly under the watchful eye of a dragon said to live in the caves!

Regardless of whoever lived in the caves, they probably would not have gone too far into them because after venturing only 600 feet into the abyss, the cave opening is no longer visible. These days, the caves pose no danger to visitors whatsoever. It is highly doubtful you will come across any dragons or pirates, but that shouldn’t stop the excitement for the kids (and adults!) to learn more about the incredible legends surrounding the caves!

John Servera, a local man, purchased the caves and surrounding area in 1935 and used coloured lights to light up the inside of the caves. Today, the caves have changed very little since the 1930s. When you first enter the caves, you’ll go down a path lined with weird and wonderfully shaped stalactites and stalagmites. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to take photographs inside the caves, so postcards and your memory will have to suffice for the experience.

Visiting the Drach Caves can be done as an organized day-trip excursion, or at your own leisure. Accommodation in the area is pretty scant, but in Calas de Majorca, a short drive away, you can find the HSM Canarios Park, which is a three-star family hotel with a good reputation. If you decide to visit the caves by yourself, you’d be best advised to hire a car or a taxi, as public transport in the area is not great; however, if an organized excursion is more appealing, you should chat with your hotel or holiday rep to see if they have any recommendations.