There are many places steeped in history that you must have visited and felt in awe. However, there is one place which even leaves history awe-struck. It is Israel- a country where every stone is saturated in history, it’s past and present scarred by war and yet revered for being the most holy place for three main religions of the world – Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  Many people secretly or publicly dream of visiting this country and standing at the old city of Jerusalem to walk in the footsteps of history.

Israel is a country that has kept its history alive.  History doesn’t reside in the books; in Israel you can meet it at every corner. While walking through the lanes of Jerusalem, you can imagine how Jesus Christ must have walked on those same stones, thousands of years back. A visit to the Western Wall or the view of the Dome of the Rock will make you feel how these places have attracted people through the ages for pilgrimage.

Western Wall.  Photo:  Edgardo W. Olivera

You cannot talk of Israel without thinking about the wars it has survived. Take for example Masada. Overlooking the Dead Sea, the mountain fortress of Masada stands tall with its glorious history. It tells the story of 1,000 people who preferred to give their lives instead of bowing down before their Roman enemies. Such tales of glory and bravery make the air of Israel heavy.

Man reads while floating in the Dead Sea.  Photo:  Arian Zwegers

Israel also tells stories of gory bloodbath. The largest Holocaust museum of the world at Yad Vashem will throw you into a vortex of emotions. Apart from these places that move us and leave us speechless, Israel has the Dead Sea, a water body that we all have read about in our geography books and dreamt of viewing one day. A float on the Dead Sea is must to revive the geography lesson. The view of the sea is also something that you will never forget. Israel is blessed with natural beauty that many travelers find alluring. The Galilee region is very popular with the tourists because of its sweeping green fields and picturesque highlands. It also has history associated with it that can give you goose bumps. This region contains the Sea of Galilee which is famous for Jesus Christ and his walk on top of the water.

For a break from history lessons there are places around Israel where you can just have fun. For example, The Eliat, a resort site known for its water sports. Scuba diving, snorkeling and dolphin watching are some of the popular activities that will keep you busy there. It is not possible to tell you about Israel in one article. You may hear thousands of stories about Israel but it is impossible to understand the full weight of the words or develop a full appreciation for Israel until you visit and experience the country for yourself.