Many myths have surrounded the country of Jordan and has feuled the country’s fame–the rule of King Hussein, wars in Middle East and the country’s historical relationship with like Israel, Syria and Iran.  Jordan is described as an “open-air museum” and tourists interested in history and mystery flock to the country to uncover its secrets.  Jordan is “unknown” is some ways so many are intrigued to discover new territory and a unique culture.

The Temenos Gate.  Photo:  Dennis Jarvis

Jordan boasts world famous sites, many that are in offbeat locations that can only be reached on foot or donkey.  But by whatever means necessary it takes to tour Jordan, the journey will be well rewarded.  A tour of Jordan would be incomplete without visiting the Rose City of Petra. The fact that it is one of current Seven Wonders of the World does nothing to explain the charm of this place. Rich in archeological treasures, is one of the most memorable attractions in the world.  Another historical attraction that is a “must see” is the Baptism Site. The site is steeped in history as it is the place where Jesus Christ was baptized.

Jordan also offers some exotic experiences like a glimpse into the Bedouin culture. Feynan, which is situated in the midst of Wadi Araba desert, allows a chance to interact with local Bedouins and even share a cup of coffee with them. The lodges are lit by candles so at night the stars are alive and very visible in the sky.  For Bedouins, stargazing or talking long walks in the quiet wilderness are favorite pasttimes. Not many places in the world offer such experience!

Is there any person who has not heard about Lawrence of Arabia?  The famous figures headquarters at Azraq castle is open to visitors. Castles are common in Jordan but there are a few that deserve special mention, the Shobak Castle being one of them. View desert landscape at its best in Wadi Rum Desert. A sandy desert with pastel shades and natural rock formations- it offers the perfect backdrop to take selfies!  For a visit to the sea, a visit to Aqaba is Jordan’s gateway to the Red Sea. The numerous beach resorts in Aqaba are popular for water sports such as windsurfing and scuba diving.  The Dead Sea is also nearby for a floating experience.

Cold Mezza.  Photo:  Alicia Bramlett

Jordan has its own unique cuisine. Hummus and falafel are popular now throughout the world but having them in a local restaurant is a treat that you should never miss. Khobez is a large, and flat bread that forms the staple diet. It is delicious when freshly baked. The national dish of the country is mansaf which is a complete platter that will leave you wanting more. Do taste it. Jordan is unique because no matter what’s your choice, you will find something to relish about it. Be its historical locations or desert or lifestyle or food- you will find yourself mesmerized and wanting to come back for more.