In the South West of Turkey sits a popular ghost town. The Kayakoy OR Rock Village,  lies just a short distance from the crowded and famous beaches and resorts in the Fethiye.  Populated with Greek-styled architecture the town was occupted by Muslim and Christian communities who coexisted peacefully until the early 1920’s.  During that time Muslims farmed the land and the Christian community were skilled artisans and but both communities were closely linked and co-dependent on the others skills.   The Kayakoy was largely

Photo:  Nick Wadge

abandoned after the Greco-Turkish War after the population exchange agreement in 1923, which was signed by Greek and Turkish Government. The hillside village was further destroyed in 1957, by a massive 7.1 earthquake that shook the valley and destroyed most of the structures. Houses that were not destroyed were left untouched and remain today.

Today, the Kayakoy village has been preserved as a museum village and tourists can view the skeletons of the buildings in Kayakoy.  Although the remaining structures have no rooftops, doors or walls it is easy to imagine the history and the peaceful ives that the villagers had during its and churches with no rooftops but it is easy to imagine the happy and peaceful life’s of the villagers during its peak. The kayakoy village is called as the symbol of “Peace and Harmony”. It shows the delicacy of harmony between the cultures.

The Kayakoy ghost town is rich in history and a wonderful display of 19th century society.


Cover photo courtesy of Sarah Murray, CreativeCommons.