Wandering this unbelievable and fascinating planet, people often overlook the true meaning of travel and only see the places they visit with their eyes and not their soul. There are destinations that are mostly unknown to the grand majority of people, but that offer the most amazing experiences of a lifetime. Some of these places are located in France and one of them in particular is worth seeing at least once in a lifetime–Souvigny.

The small town of Souvigny is located in the middle of France, in the region of Bourbonnais. Today just a small provincial town, Souvigny once was very influential during medieval times, when it was the capital and residence of the House of Bourbon that birthed the kings and queens of France. With an exceptional medieval architecture and a Benedictine Abbey that still hovers magnificently over the town, this forms an interesting destination in the heart of France. But the true highlight of Souvigny is the medieval fair and festival that is held each year in the central square of the town. The inhabitants have made an association specifically with the purpose of organizing the festival and together with volunteers, they put together a charming medieval event that attracts thousands of people from near and far. Along the few medieval streets in the town merchants, musicians, actors, jugglers, fire breathers, animal tamers, knights and dames walk in a charming event that brings the medieval experience into the 21st century.

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The festival of Souvigny offers the unique opportunity to enjoy medieval concerts and shows, theatre and knight jousting, medieval craftsmen creating masterpieces and an authentic medieval meal inside a huge tavern.  Apart from the entertainment itself, people can also visit the landmarks of the town, including the impressive abbey that holds the tombs of the Duke of Bourbon, as well as other medieval buildings. The festival of Souvigny starts each year around the end of July and usually lasts for 9 days, giving tourists the unique chance to discover how it used to be in the France of several hundred years ago.