Enjoying the World as a Plus-size Traveler

Plus-size people

World Footprints continues its foundational value of sharing the voices of all travelers and their unique experiences and inspiring stories. Today we walk in the footsteps of a plus-size traveler.

Plus-size travelers face challenges that aren’t generally considered—lack of appropriate accommodations, one-sized fits all robes that don’t fit larger bodies, zipline cables that may not support extra weight and other concerns.

“People need to see more plus-size people traveling so that they can see themselves as the reflection and want to go travel more.”  

Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins is the creative mind behind Chubby Diaries, a site dedicated to helping plus-size people travel the world. He joins World Footprints to share his experience as a plus-size traveler. Jeff also suggests how the travel industry can be better accommodating and why weight and size shouldn’t be a barrier to traveling the world.

Through Chubby Diaries, Jeff inspires and educates a community of travelers who are overlooked in the travel space.


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