The second largest city in the Czech Republic is also one of the most interesting travel destinations in the country. Although not many tourists have discovered it yet, Brno is a wonderful city, with a wide variety of sights and attractions. Located in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic and founded almost a millennia ago, Brno is home to some amazing monuments, some of them unique in Europe and the world. The former capital of Moravia is home to the second largest underground ossuary in Europe, after the one in Paris, with a complex labyrinth of cellars that hold the remains of over 50,000 people. Discovered only in 2001, the underground complex dates from the 17th century and has just been opened for the public about one year ago.

Capuchin Monastery
Capuchin Monastery.  Photo (cco)

Another somewhat unusual attraction of Brno lies in the Capuchin Crypt, beneath the Capuchin Monastery, where tourists can see the mummies buried here. Due to the airing system and the geologic composition of the ground, the bodies of the Capuchin friars and others have been preserved as mummies since the 17th century. Although these two sights might not be for everyone, it is good to know that the city holds many other more peaceful attractions. One of the most famous attractions is the Spilberk Castle, dating from the 13th century and passing through Renaissance and Baroque transformations. The castle became a fortress and served as a prison during the Austro-Hungarian Empire, when people that were persecuted from the whole empire were held here.

The second grand attraction of Brno is the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, located on Petrov Hill and a symbol of the city. The cathedral passed through transformations along the centuries, reaching its present Baroque style. The oldest and largest square of Brno is the Freedom Square, dating from the 13th century and featuring several interesting buildings and monuments. One of the oldest buildings is the Old Town Hall, with some amazing features, including a gothic gate, a tall tower with breathtaking views and many charming legends. The St. James Church is also an old Gothic church dating from the 13th century and beneath the church there is the newly opened Ossuary.

Apart from these main landmarks and attractions, there are also other interesting visits in Brno, including the Moravian Square, the Luzanky Park, the Tugendhat Villa, the Capuchin Monastery, the Denis Gardens, the Moravian Museum, the Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady, the Cabbage Market, the Moravian Gallery and many others. Several kilometers to the northwest of the town, visitors can find another treasure of history and architecture, the Veveri Castle, also dating from the 13th century, located in a beautiful wooded area and presenting some amazing features.