Attention party animals.  The summer is far from over but autumn is on our heels.  So if you’re still looking looking to party like the summer will never return then take note of these top ten party spots that site north of the equator.

Ibiza, Spain – This place is known as the ‘party capital of the world’ and the world class DJs that play at some of the most knock-out clubs make it so.  Revelers flock to Ibiza by the millions each year.  The popular club scene complements an impressive collection of bars.  Ibiza also host an annual live music event called Ibiza Rocks. This party spot should be enjoyed at least once in your lifetime.

Berlin, Germany – The partys never seem to stop in Berlin.  Since drinking seems more of a religous rite there are plenty of bars to keep you going. There is a constant flow of party-goers that pack Cafes and bars at all hours, and nightclubs accommodate hedonistic crowds until the early morning hours.

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Don’t let the perception that Amerstam is a sleepy town–it’s not!  There are some great clubs that promise lots of fund and the summer months host a constant stream events like the Roots Music Festival, the Holland Festival, and the outrageous Gay Pride parade, as well as music concerts on canal stages.

Reykjavik, Iceland – Surprised?  What else can you expect from a destination that has a national Beer Day?  During the summer, Iceland enjoys beautiful “white nights”–22 hours of sunlight, so you can party throughout the night without knowing that you’re pulling an all-nighter.  Reykjavik has a great music scene and a local Friday night pub crawl, known as runtur.  So, run-“tur” Reykjavik for a great time.

London, England – The party scene in the British capital does not operate with a stiff upper lip.  Instead, the Brits get down and dirty with clubs that suit anyone’s fancy — massive club nights at Fabric, or infectious hip-hop at Cargo, to funky and quirky burlesque bars – London’s got the club scene covered.

Ios, Greece – Get plenty of rest before you travel to Ios because you’ll need a lot of energy to navigate the party scene.  It is the party capital of the Cyclades islands and appears to be a haven for millenialsis. Late night partying to the early morning hours is a tradition in Chora but there are plenty of restaurants and bars to visit after you’ve danced enough.  There are also many beautiful beaches on which to capture a power nap before starting out again.

Tel Aviv, Israel – Oh boy!  Buckle up for a wild time in Tel Aviv.  The city is home to some of the hottest nightclubs in the Middle East and it is one of the hottest spots for gay travelers. Tel Aviv is nicknamed ‘the city that never stops’ for a reason.  It boasts a steamy playground for midnight owls that is not for the faint of heart.  You can find multiple beachfront parties, underground clubs and generous bartenders who pour with a heavy hand …sounds like a wild time!

Across the pond…

Miami, Florida – Miama’s nightlife scene is muy caliente!  What else would you expect in this diverse city that enjoys warm weather year-found.  It’s always summer in Miama and the party never stops so get ready to bump and grind and throw back mojitos against beautiful beaches and people.

Las Vegas, Nevada – The lights are on in Las Vegas 24/7 and you can see the city sparkle in the desert from miles away.  Don’t ask about what happens in Vegas because it will stay in Vegas but it’s likely to involve …. well, use your imagination–its called Sin City for a reason.   In addition to all of the hot Vegas acts, you can also enjoy a pool party scene at Wet Republic (in the MGM Grand Hotel).  There’s always the roulette and craps tables if you’re dying to test lady luck but, be forewarned, you’re more likely to leave with a lighter waller.

New York City, New York – This is a metropolis that never sleeps and there seems to be a nightclub or lounge on every block.  From Harlem lounges, nightclubs packed with celebrities or intimate Village jazz bars, there’s never a shortage of things to fill a fun night.  Hunger pains at 4am?  Grab a slice of pizza or a hot dog at a 24 hr a day establishment like Gray’s Papaya.

New Orleans, Louisiana – You can travel to New Orleans (NOLA) at any time and find a festival to enjoy.  New Orleans finds a reason to celebrate anything at anytime of the year.  This city is non-stop!  Bourbon Street is the place where most tourists go, there’s a ton of bars that offer live music of all genres–zydeco, jazz, country, etc..  Plus you would be hard pressed to find a bad meal in New Orleans.  The food is fantastic food and libations flow in abundance.  The 800 to 600 blocks of Bourbon Street is where all of the gay bars are.  Try a local drink called the hurricane and then try counting backwards from 10.  You may not be conscious enough to count past 6.  Yes, it is that strong.  If you want to go where the locals go head to Frenchman Street.  There you’ll find some famous jazz clubs like Preservation Hall as well as some independent joints that provide great local music.