Our lives have changed dramatically thanks to COVID-19. We’ve been confined to our four corners with limited freedoms to go outside for anything. Some of us have even had to seek permissions from authorities to leave our homes. These restrictions, while necessary, have been hard to endure especially for those of us who travel for a living. But who among us has not though about the first thing we’ll do or go when the restrictions are lifted? Through the storm of this pandemic we wanted to serve you by creating a space where our hopes and dreams could be nourished in the meantime. We may not be able to physically travel but we can still revisit our travel memories and find enjoyment and solace in those. That is why we are seeking your travel stories for upcoming podcast episodes. Stories connect us and traveling feeds the soul so we can enjoy a respite from current events and experience a nourishing journey as we travel vicariously through stories. God knows that we need this right now. So, please help us to serve you and others by sharing your travel story.  In your own voice please share one of the stories below:

  1. What is the most salient travel memory you have right now? What meaning does this memory hold in your life? Was this memory shared with someone else who added something special to the moment? What longing do you have that would breath life into you?


  1. When did the travel bug bite you? Where were you and what did you feel? What there someone else with you? What do you remember most about that time? How does this memory serve you today?

To submit your story:


  • Schedule a Zoom call with us so that we can record your story. Use https://calendly.com/world-footprints/travel-stories.   Zoom invite will be sent after a recording date/time has been scheduled.  We will not be on camera so you won’t have to be concerned with making eye contact with us as you read your story.

Please include your Full name because we will list you in the show notes (unless you specifically ask us not to). If you have a website or social media link please send that as well. First names will be used within the podcast. Tell us a little about you and include the best way we can contact you. We will likely do more after these first two but for this first round up we will collect submissions over the next two weeks. Submissions will close on Sunday, June 14: 8PM EST  Note: By submitting a voice memo or written submission, you’re giving World Footprints LLC permission to use your image, words and voice on World Footprints platforms. You are also giving permission for us to lightly edit your submission where needed. Recording Tips:  Talk through your microphone or phone as if you were speaking to a friend. Create a little distance between your mouth and whatever microphone you’re using so that you can avoid popping your “Ps” or hissing your “S”. Listen to your recording and make sure you don’t exceed 3 minutes. Then sit back and enjoy your journey through a wonderful memory. Thank you in advance for sharing your story and for allowing World Footprints to be of service.