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Controlling Your Narrative and Preserving Truth in Race Relations, Empowerment and Travel

Why is it important for people of color to control their own narrative? How does preserving your story support historical truths?

Ardre Orie is a publisher, social activist, and ghostwriter who helps Black men and people of color discover the power of their voice.

Enjoy a powerful and insightful interview with Ardre and learn about her publishing house, 13th & Joan, and 100 Seeds of Promise, a literary initiative she created that empowers men of color to document and publish their own narratives.

Some of Ardre’s clients have included A-list Hollywood actors, Grammy Award-winning artists, professional athletes and entrepreneurs. Her work has been featured on WH1, MTV, WE TV, Bravo, BET, Centric and more. Ardre joins World Footprints to discuss the power of storytelling, narratives on race and, of course, travel.

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Ian and Tonya Fitzpatrick are Founders of World Footprints and hosts of the award-winning World Footprints podcast.  Travel has always been central to their lives. In fact, Tonya only agreed to date Ian after learning that he had traveled abroad.  After a two-year courtship, Ian whisked Tonya away on a secret mission to Toronto where he proposed to her above the city in a small plane that passed another small plane carrying a banner that read: “Marry Me Tonya – I Love You”. The couple held a destination wedding on Bermuda and they honeymooned in South Africa. The rest, they say, is history…

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