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Swimming with gentle giants at the Georgia Aquarium

Tonya enjoyed an afternoon dive at the Georgia Aquarium with Nandi the Manta Ray from South Africa and several whale sharks and other species. You can spot Tonya by her long brown pony tail and her “hang loose” hand signs. Scuba diving is like water ballet–very graceful. This video was filmed by the Georgia Aquarium dive team.

Tonya Fitzpatrick

Tonya Fitzpatrick is the co-founder of World Footprints. An almost “recovering attorney”, she found her purpose as a cultural connector and shares messages about our common humanity on TEDx and international stages. Tonya holds membership in the Society of American Travel Journalists, Women in Film and Video and the North American Travel Journalist Association where she serves as a Board Member.  Tonya enjoys a life full of adventure, dark chocolate and champagne with her husband and business partner, Ian.   She has a deep love for animals and would be happy owning a zoo if she weren’t traveling.

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