Tofino is a popular tourism village in British Columbia, Canada – a fishermen’s village with around 2,000 residents. It’s a remote village, which means getting to it by car can be difficult but not impossible. Greyhound buses do run to Tofino – ideal for visitors who’d rather take the bus instead of drive.

Tourism In Tofino

The village’s primary income source is from tourism. It’s here that people visit to take in the sight of the beautiful whales and views and do some surfing too. While the weather isn’t all that great, it’s still a place thousands of tourists flock to.

Despite being a tourism outlet, the village has problems with its water supply, especially in the summer months.  It’s just unable to handle the plethora of tourists that visit every month and year.

Hotel prices are a bit steep but are often booked. The local camp is also a bit pricey.

What’s The Weather Like?

Temperatures hardly ever get above 20 degrees Celsius during the warmest summer months, and winter temperatures rarely drop under zero. Tofino’s windy, rainy season is during the winter season, but this doesn’t deter people from coming. In fact, they’ll sit in their warm hotel room and watch the waves there.

Things To Do While In Tofino

There are several beaches near Tofino – Long Beach, for example – where surfers can take advantage of the waves. Tourists who love to hike can partake in the fun the three-kilometer Wild Pacific Trail has to offer. The trail runs along the coast, giving hikers a chance to whale watch. This appears to be the most popular activity for tourists. Tourists will often use a boat to sail along the coast to watch the whales.

Kayaking is another prevalent activity, where a person can visit Meares Island and see the ancient cedar trees. Some of the trees are nearly 1,000 years old and definitely worth the trip.