La Tour-de-Salvagny blends history with modern at four “must visit” places

La Tour-de-Salvagny blends history with modern at four “must visit” places

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Posted November 6, 2018

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Located in the verdant metropolis of Lyon in France, La Tour-de-Salvagny is a place for the cultured and the inquisitive. Wandering the streets of this wonderland of beautiful parks and grand chateaus can seem like stepping back into a more romantic and dreamier era.

Yet the La Tour-de-Salvagny area is something of a hidden treasure, a little known tourist spot only visited by those with a nose for the pretty and the paradisiacal. If you’re lucky enough to pay a trip to its meandering streets and luxurious hotels, here are just four of its many fantastic locations to add to your itinerary.

Parc de Lacroix-Laval

Opened to the public in 1985, Parc de Lacroix-Laval is a picture perfect spot for tourists to the area to visit in France. Coming complete with a magnificent on-site chateau and beautiful landscaped gardens to rival those found anywhere in the world, it offers the most idyllic of escapes. Search the grounds to discover its many hidden treasures, from an assortment of alabaster statutes tucked away in the woods to herds of grazing horses and exquisite ornamental pools.

A trail along the Parc de Lacroix-Laval. La Tour-de-Salvagny Photo courtesy of Wikipedia/Michiel1972
A trail along the Parc de Lacroix-Laval. Photo courtesy of Wikipedia/Michiel1972

Casino le Lyon Vert

When it comes to entertaining themselves, residents of the Rhône-Alpes region of France are spoilt for choice, with a wealth of decadent delights to keep them occupied. Foremost amongst these is Casino le Lyon Vert, the most sumptuously outfitted and luxuriously appointed casino in the area, and the third largest gambling establishment in France. Owned by the Partouche Group, it’s a perfect confection of highbrow entertainment and high-risk pursuits, and offers an atmosphere unlike any other. For Canadians looking to get a little practice in before they put their money on the table, online casinos are your friend – and luckily, there are plenty of enticing options out there to choose from, with many offering free welcome bonuses to new players.

Doctor Mérieux Museum of Biologic Sciences 

If you have an interest in medicine and its long and fascinating history, we also suggest you add the Doctor Mérieux Museum of Biologic Sciences to your itinerary. Dedicated to the complex and fascinating history of biology, its aim is to help visitors better understand infectious diseases, their diagnosis, and both the historic and modern-day development of treatments. Exploring the past of the discipline while never losing sight of its bright and shiny future, the museum is located in the impressive Carmino House, France – the former abode of the Mérieux Institute’s launderer before its 21stcentury enlargement and renovation.

Serres Forest Trail 

Last but not least, might we suggest you pay a visit to the stunningly beautiful Serres Forest Trail in France? Taking you to the heart of this ancient 90-hectare wood, the path you’ll follow is surrounded on every side by breath-taking forest, which plays host to hundreds of different types of bird and beast. Offering some of the loveliest and most scenic walking and hiking routes in the region, it’s well worth a visit for the active and the intrepid, though even those who prefer to enjoy life at a more sedate pace are sure to be enchanted.

Tell us, where will you visit first?

Serres Forest. La Tour-de-Salvagny. Photo courtesy of WikiMedia/Sapin88
Serres Forest. Photo courtesy of WikiMedia/Sapin88

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