Human Trafficking

Did you know that there are more people in slavery today than there was at the height
of the trans-Atlantic slave trade? Human trafficking is a $32 billion a year industry
and it continues to be the fastest growing crime in the world – outgrowing even drug

Human trafficking is an illusive and not easily recognizable crime that affects individuals
across all demographics and in all countries, including the U.S. One of the biggest myths
is that human trafficking is a “third-world” issue but this crime happens right underneath
our noses. There have been cases of human trafficking reported in all 50 states in
America, and despite the fact that having sex with a minor is illegal is every state, there
are still a few that don’t have human trafficking laws.

The only way to defeat this global epidemic is to join forces with organizations that
are fighting on the frontlines but raising awareness, educating and acting. Below are a
handful of partners World Footprints has either partnered with or has become aware of
who are fighting on the frontlines against human trafficking.