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World Footprints:  The Story

“Take only memories, leave only footprints.”  — Chief Seattle

What are your footprints?  Do they reflect community?  Global citizenship? A desire for a sustainable planet?  An interest in bridging the cultural gaps?  These ideals are foundational for World Footprints.

World Footprints is a multi award-winning socially minded travel media company that has a mission to build community, share our common humanity and foster a “cross-culturalist” mindset.  World Footprints also aims to create a sustainable consciousness for our planet’s natural resources and heritage treasures.

A constant theme that World Footprints shares through its multimedia platforms and live presentations is the transformative power of travel on individuals and communities. Through powerful and authentic storytelling, World Footprints captures the essence of a destination and inspires meaningful travel that reaches beyond a destination to touch the heart. From unique aspects of a country’s culture or a global social cause, travel journalists Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick share stories that spark curiosity and shift points of view.

Through their World Footprints platforms the Fitzpatricks’ share the single impression that their many travel experiences have provided — no matter where one lives, the language spoken or the customs practiced – we all share more similarities than differences, and everyone desires the same things:  respect, good health, human rights and a sustainable clean living environment.

This content-rich World Footprints website presents behind-the-scenes information and human-interest stories that provide a deeper travel experience. World Footprints invites its visitors to examine the cultural roots of a destination, to view a destination with a different mindset and to explore travel by specific interest or social cause. World Footprints has partnered with various various non-profit and advocacy group like the United Nations Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (UN.GifT).  It has also tapped world figures, thought leaders and celebrities, such as Maya Angelou, Jack Hanna, Bobby Kennedy, Jr., Ken Burns, chef Cat Cora and others to share unique insights on places and people.

Meet Tonya and Ian

Travel journalists Ian and Tonya FitzpatrickThe Founders of World Footprints and Hosts of the multi award-winning World Footprints podcast are not typical travel journalists.  Both lawyers, Tonya and Ian also have advanced degrees from world-class institutions including the London School of Economics and the University of Michigan. Their careers have been stellar—Assistant General Counsel at a University, federal political appointment as Deputy Assistant Secretary at the U.S. Department of Education, among others—yet they have chosen a life filled with travel adventures. Travel has always been central to their lives. Read more



Eliza Amon
Full Bio

Growing up in a one stoplight town in New Jersey, Eliza Amon longed to explore the wider world she read about in novels. After high school, Eliza travelled to the Soviet Union with a youth peace group, bartended in Paris, hitchhiked throughout Italy and studied Yoruba religion in Nigeria, before completing her undergraduate degree at Oberlin College.

After college, Eliza lived in San Francisco and New Orleans before landing a Fulbright Scholarship and moving to Carthage, Tunisia. After returning from a year in North Africa, she spent 18 years in New York, which served as a base for many trips, including to Indonesia and China, the Caribbean, Central America and Europe.

Eliza has worked as a journalist for nearly 20 years with articles published in The New York Times, Harper’s Magazine and Bloomberg News among others. Eliza currently lives in Seattle where she is thrilled to have the opportunity to discover new adventures in the Pacific Northwest.

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World Footprints newsletter manager Carey Ozmun
Carey Ozmun
Newsletter Manager
Full Bio

Carey Ozmun is a recent college graduate and young freelance marketing professional reigning from the humble town of Colchester, CT. Carey specializes in email marketing, social media management, and brand strategy. Now based in Queens, NY, Carey is simultaneously pursuing careers in music and marketing. She is thrilled by new experiences and opportunities that allow for travel and growth in her fields.

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Head shot of Jan Guszynski
Jan Guszynski
Brand Advisor
Full Bio

Jan Guszynski is a senior-level brand strategist and marketing/communications leader with media, non-profit and marketing agency experience. She specializes in creative and strategic brand and marketing/communications planning, execution and management. Jan has extensive expertise in messaging and positioning development, and storytelling.  She has managed the brand portfolios for national and international brands and their sub-brands to raise brand profile, unify brand voice and increase market share.

Jan has traveled extensively and loves immersing herself in a country’s culture and its people. While her heart belongs to Paris, she is also smitten with Prague, the ‘Paris of the East’. Her dream trip is to visit the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
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Photo of World Brief contributor Victor Kanake.
Victor Kanake
World Brief contributor
Full Bio

Victor Kanake is a professional content writer from Kenya.  He is a passionate writer, avid reader and meticulous researcher.  Victor loves inspirational quotes and you can find many of them peppered throughout his website

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Michele Bisceglie
Full Bio

Michele Bisceglie is the founder/chief executive officer of Butterfly Communications, a boutique firm that devises and executes strategy for nonprofits and for-profits that want to enhance and/or expand their capabilities, credibility, customer base, and stakeholder involvement.

An exceptional communicator and skilled strategist able to adapt to diverse and challenging environments, Michele has more than 20 years of experience guiding successful business development and marketing campaigns for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations including Boy Scouts of America, McKenna Long & Aldridge (now Dentons), Nixon Peabody LLP, ClubCorp, SchenkelShultz Architecture, Leadership Louisville Center, and Convergent Nonprofit Solutions.

Michele has a Yellow Belt in Legal Lean Sigma® and Project Management from Legal Lean Sigma Institute; is an alumna of Georgetown University’s Executive Nonprofit Management Certificate Program and Indianapolis’ Stanley K. Lacy Executive Leadership Series®; and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication (Journalism) from Purdue University.

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Jessica Ellerbrock
Jessica Ellerbrock
Social Media Advisor
Full Bio

Jessica Ellerbrock grew up in the small rural town of Ottawa, Ohio.    Being from a small town, she was curious about the world, to learn from other cultures, and to encourage cultural understanding to those who do not have the opportunity to travel.

In the beginning of her career with a desire to be in the fashion world, Jessica’s career lead her to manage large retail businesses as a Senior Buyer for department stores, Kohl’s in Milwaukee and Sears in Chicago. With a transfer to San Francisco, she began to work on startup retail business and growing business with digital marketing and social media.

Travel had always been transformational to Jessica to learn about other’s way of lives, and be able to reflect the path she wanted to take in her ambitions.   In a career transition, she backpacked throughout Europe and Morocco, and took on many life changing adventures like walking the Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain.    After this reflective time, she really wanted to learn more about new cultures and be able to give back and create a more equitable world.

In the Fall of 2016, she volunteered in Rwanda with, an international non-profit giving a hand up through micro loans.    She is beginning to pursue a career transition into international development.    In her travels, she found a love for artisan products, and found the artisans needed a marketplace for their product for a sustainable income and to preserve the artisan tradition.   With this passion, she created an online business focused on sustainable, fair trade retail called, and used the power of storytelling and social media to tell the artisan’s stories while exploring their countries.   She is looking forward to increasing the engagement through social media for World Footprint’s mission to foster cultural intelligence, bridge the cultural gaps and share our common humanity through powerful storytelling.

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Sangeeta Waldron
Full Bio

Sangeeta Waldron has a rich cultural background – born and raised in London, then going on to complete her University life in India.  She is also widely travelled.

Today, Sangeeta is a recognized, respected, award winning Public Relations and media professional with over two decades’ worth of publicity, branding, communications, crisis management, media and social media experience.  She is a frequent speaker and spoke alongside the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan in December 2017 about being both a London and a woman in business.

Sangeeta started out her career writing speeches for previous UK Prime Ministers and Ministers and has also worked at the top level with big, powerful global brands such as the Economist Group; The Times; Cass Business School; including charities such as Breast Cancer Campaign.

She now runs her own successful London based PR agency, Serendipity PR and Media, working internationally across business, arts, culture and books in growth markets. Her cross-sector approach transcends geographies and cultures.

Until recently, Sangeeta was a contributing editor for, part of 3BL Media, the largest global news platform on sustainable business news and corporate social responsibility, where she interviewed the Director General of the UN Geneva; Marcus Shingle, CEO, XPRIZE; Alastair Campbell, former adviser to previous British PM Tony Blair and many other high-profile influencers.

Sangeeta sits on different boards including the Federation of Small Business’s (FSB) Diversity Taskforce and previously was Chairman of Alternatives, which hosts all London’s wellbeing events with leading names such as Deepak Chopra, Russell Brand, Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Williamson and more.

Follow Sangeeta on Twitter: @SangeetaWaldron; connect her on LinkedIn.

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