cruise veranda

“One doesn’t discover new lands without consenting to lose sight, for a very long time, of the shore.”

– André Gide

Cruising offers a delightful way to see the world whether your basking in the sun on a lazy day at sea on not-so-lazy day stopping in ports along a river. The act of discovering new places and experiencing new things while being transported over a body of water is exhilarating and peaceful.

Whether you experience a cruise on a large or small ship, commercial yacht or river boat just sail away, sail away, sail away…

Cruising offers so much fun, you get to explore exotic places, taste some great food, have friendly interactions with warm people. You can travel multiple places in one go and have a stress free travel time too.

  • Ahoy, fellow travelers! If you’re embarking on your first-ever cruise vacation, you’re in for a treat! Cruises allow you to visit multiple destinations, and shore excursions help you enjoy your time on land to the fullest. However, planning a shore excursion can be overwhelming, especially for first-time cruisers. Don’t worry, though; we’ve got you covered! This twelve-step guide will help you plan a successful shore excursion. Let’s begin. 1. Consider The Preferences Of Your Travel Companions  Picture this: you’re planning a fantastic shore excursion and want everyone to have a memorable experience. But keep in mind that different people have varied interests.  For example, if you’re planning excursions in Nassau Bahamas, while you may prefer thrilling underwater adventures, some of your travel companions might be into cultural immersions. To ensure a pleasant trip, consider everyone’s preferences.  Once you’ve taken everyone’s desires into account, you can plan a well-tailored itinerary that [...]

  • Lots of people love cruises. But when my husband and I took our first cruise this year, one thing was clear—the pace was very different from our usual slow-travel style.

  •     Do you want a break from a hectic monotonous routine to experience something relaxing and adventurous at the same time? An interactive trip to the world’s most alluring cruise destinations on a small cruise ship is your way to do just that.  The best thing about small cruises is that they can be personalized. You can go to remote areas, enjoy the exotic local culture, relax on beaches, go snorkeling and observe flora and fauna - all of this just in one short trip.  There are several one-of-a-kind cruise destinations that you can visit for a getaway. But it can be tricky to decide between the interesting places to visit. A list of cruise destinations is provided in this article that you can enjoy on a small cruise ship. Let’s have a look. Indonesia The Indonesian archipelago consists of popular islands like Java, Sumatra, Sulawesi, and parts of [...]

  • Cruise travel is at a standstill during this period of uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has sent out a request for information related to cruise ship embarkation and planning and infrastructure. This measure is an effort by the CDC to develop a strategy to prevent, mitigate, and respond to the spread of the virus on cruise ships. The No Sail Order extension by the CDC dated July 16 is the most recent one since it was extended on April 15. This extension will hold through September 30, 2020, and it suspends passenger operations on cruise ships in waters subject to U.S. jurisdiction. Since placing the No Sail Order CDC has worked with cruise lines to bring crew members back home, requiring cruise lines to sign and submit an attestation. The 28-question list compiled by the CDC is open to persons and organizations [...]

  • Iceland is a country of sharp contrasts--Where dark winter night are offset by a sleepless summer sun—where fire and ice co-exist; and where a dramatic landscape and insular existence supports folklore and informs a vibrant culture. Iceland has so much to offer from its nordic culture, stunning landscapes, food, natural beauty and more.... Iceland is a stunningly beautiful place if you enjoy strange and desolate landscapes. The amount of daylight varies dramatically by season. The sun sets briefly each night in June, but the sky doesn't get fully dark before the next sunrise. In the March and September equinoxes, days and nights are of about equal length, as elsewhere in the world.  Despite its name, Iceland has surprisingly mild winters for a country at that latitude owing to the warming effect of the Atlantic Gulf Stream. The country enjoys a maritime temperate climate We set out exploring Iceland aboard the [...]

  • We welcomed a cool breeze as we stepped aboard the historic Skipjack Minnie V at Maryland's National Harbor. Only one of 30 skipjacks in existence, this beautiful vessel treated us to a relaxing excursion along the Potomac River.

  • Cruising holidays are becoming increasingly popular year on year. Travelers who long for a romantic and intimate setting praise river cruises. It is comfortable and exciting, and perfect for families as well as couples and groups.

  • Luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises has launched 16 shore excursions for passengers who want to “give back” during port stops.  These humanitarian and conservation excursions are free to guests and crew under the cruise line’s program “You Care, We Care.” Among the many options, passengers can choose to work at a food bank in British Columbia, visit a shelter for the elderly, poor and ill in Dubrovnik, Croatia, or learn how to rescue a dolphin in Barcelona, Spain. These  “give back” excursions have been scheduled on 20 Crystal Cruises. Sailings.  The cruise line is offering All-inclusive cruise fares starting at $2,345 per person until April 30.   A complete list of excursions and available sailings can be found using the  "shore excursion finder" on the line's website or by calling Crystal Cruises, (888) 722-0021.

  • Actress/singer Gloria Loring. Fans of the daytime drama "Days of Our Lives" (DOOL) will enjoy another one of our conversations with actress, singer and author Gloria Loring who played Liz Chandler for seven years on the soap opera.  Gloria spends some time today talking about her spiritual autobiography "Coincidence is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous", and her life since DOOL including working with her son R&B singer Robin Thicke. With eloquence and humor, Loring takes readers on a quest for a deeper understanding of life's journey and the role coincidence plays in all of our lives, revealing that even the most difficult circumstances can be beneficial. Her experiences may be just the evidence readers need to begin watching more closely what they are attracting and what they are running from in their own lives. While coincidences may appear to come out of the blue, Loring suggests that we can all [...]

  • World Footprints will open up our new "Travelers University" to share some important things that you should know about the cruise industry and travel insurance.  Whether you are a first time cruiser or have sailed the seven seas for years, there are things about the cruise industry that you probably don’t know. For as much enjoyment as a cruise provides there is a dark side to cruising that generally goes unreported. Cruise companies and cruise ships negatively impact communities through air and water pollution, economic leakage and tax avoidance, as well as overtourism. Such negative impacts can arise where cruise companies are based, where they pass through, and where they dock. Author and Saturday Evening Post contributor, Elizabeth Becker, joins us to reveal the dangers that passengers often face upon boarding. World Footprints Travelers University will continue with an expert panel that will addresse many questions surrounding the decision to purchase travel insurance. Travel [...]

  • This broadcast is a favorite legacy show that we produced under our old name Travel'n On and before rebranding as WORLD FOOTPRINTS. Let's go for a ride in Alaska’s Glacier National Park. Travel with Travel’n On through Alaska’s Glacier National Park aboard the luxurious American Safari yacht. Tonya and Ian will chat with American Safari’s captain and expedition leaders as they embark on a discovery of the Inner Passage and the natural treasures that the area holds. One of nature's most amazing masterpieces, Glacier National Park is situated in the backcountry of Montana, in the United States. The famous national park, which is revered as the "Crown of the Continent," protects carved-out glaciers and valleys, blue glacial lakes, and lush forests, earning it the moniker. Your senses are stunned by its pristine beauty and beautiful wilderness from the moment you first see it. The park lies on the border between [...]

  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of Alaska up-close on the Un-cruise Adventure line (formerly American Safari).  We traveled to Alaska before changing our name from Travel'n On to World Footprints.  The message of socially responsible travel remains the same.