Crystal Cruises launches free “give-back” shore excursions

Crystal Cruises launches free “give-back” shore excursions

Dolphin Rescue

Posted July 12, 2015

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Luxury cruise line Crystal Cruises has launched 16 shore excursions for passengers who want to “give back” during port stops.  These humanitarian and conservation excursions are free to guests and crew under the cruise line’s program “You Care, We Care.”

Among the many options, passengers can choose to work at a food bank in British Columbia, visit a shelter for the elderly, poor and ill in Dubrovnik, Croatia, or learn how to rescue a dolphin in Barcelona, Spain.

These  “give back” excursions have been scheduled on 20 Crystal Cruises. Sailings.  The cruise line is offering All-inclusive cruise fares starting at $2,345 per person until April 30.   A complete list of excursions and available sailings can be found using the  “shore excursion finder” on the line’s website or by calling Crystal Cruises, (888) 722-0021.

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