Flaws in American Democracy examined and Home Exchanges for Travel

Flaws in American Democracy examined and Home Exchanges for Travel

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Aired on September 30, 2020

What does American democracy look like from abroad?  Author Elizabeth Rusch answers that question in her newest book, You Call THIS Democracy?

Fundamentally, America’s democracy is dysfunctional at best and Elizabeth identifies where the United States falls short.  Elizabeth also offers international comparisons. She shows the simple solutions that other countries use to advance their democracy that would work in the U.S. 

In You Call THIS Democracy?  Elizabeth calls on Americans to re-envision what a democracy that truly represents the people might look like.

Hillary Rodham Clinton is one of many distinguished people who gave rave reviews of You Call THIS Democracy?  She said that this book “gives us a clear look at the problems we face in our politics today…and it is an important read for anyone interested in our politics.

Elizabeth has combined her passion for writing, traveling and enjoying cultural immersion experiences with her family. She discusses her Home Exchange experience and how travel has played an important part in her writing.


With everything going on in the U.S. and around the world, Elizabeth’s insights are as prescient as they are timely.

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Enjoy an uncut video of our interview with author Elizabeth Rusch.

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