Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

Indigenous workers sailing on Lake Titicaca.

Explore the mosaic of humanity and cultural heritage from the arts, history and more.

With over 3,800 distinct cultures in the world that have been described by anthropologists and recorded in Price's Atlas of Ethnographic Societies--a number that many believe is underestimated--one can only imagine the influences of heritage of these many cultures throughout the world.

According to Wikipedia, cultural heritage is the legacy of tangible and intangible heritage assets of a group or society that is inherited from past generations. Not all legacies of past generations are "heritage", rather heritage is a product of selection by society.

Cultural heritage is a wide term and includes cultures, customs, beliefs, rites, rituals, ceremonies, indigenous knowledge, social customs and traditions, arts, crafts, music, political and ideological beliefs that influence culture and behavior, history, practices concerning the natural environment, religious and scientific traditions, language, sports, food and drink, calendars, traditional clothing, cyber cultures in the digital world, and emerging new cultures which will become the heritage of the future.

Below you will find an eclectic list of cultural heritage assets from the influence of Indigenous communities, groups and peoples in architecture, fashion, food and more. There are also stories that touch on historical events as we look through the lend of today's society.