Smartphone showing travel technology with man on a railroad track.

“It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.”

— Albert Einstein

In the dynamic landscape of travel technology, advancements surge at a relentless pace. Every week unveils innovative techniques that propel us towards faster, smarter, and more seamless journeys. Yet, amidst this excitement, the learning curve remains steep, evolving alongside each new breakthrough.

With the integration of travel technology, our experiences are enhanced, empowering us to meticulously plan and execute our trips with ingenuity. The narratives below serve as a gateway to acquaint you with emerging technologies in travel, providing valuable resources to streamline your learning journey. However, it’s crucial to note that in this rapidly evolving realm, information can swiftly become outdated by the time it reaches you.


  • Tim Williamson and Nieux Society see a Golden Age for the Crescent City where creators, culture and money come together for a new era in New Orleans’ post-Katrina Resurgence.

  • A sacred mountain for Hawaiians, it is also an Observation facility with telescopes bigger than the Hubble Space telescope.

  • When it comes to Indonesia, you might wonder how islands like Java can compete with the likes of Bali.

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    Traveling is a fun and exciting experience. However, it can also be stressful and uncomfortable; especially for Black travelers because concerns over safety and racism have are considerations in the travel planning process.

  • Virtual tours have been a massive hit in 2020, thanks in a large part to the COVID-19 lockdowns. When lockdowns first started in early 2020, many popular venues and institutions were offering virtual tours via social media.

  • A sacred mountain for Hawaiians, it is also an Observation facility with telescopes bigger than the Hubble Space telescope.

  • Thanks to travel journalist Terri Marshall, she is sharing some great resources that are sure to curb the wanderlust inside that is screaming go somewhere—ANYWHERE! We know this lockdown is for the best and we know it is our responsibility to stay home in order to help save lives. But it doesn’t mean that we’re not going stir crazy—especially for those of us who make a living traveling the world. But, even though we can’t travel right now, we will be able to again soon. So while we’re all hunkering down at home we can use this time to dream and plan for our next holiday. And, better yet, we can travel (virtually) right now. New adventures and exciting explorations around the world are just a click away. Enjoy more virtual travel resources.  And, to help you with travel planning, sign up for our newsletter to receive a free travel [...]

  • With travel stalled around the world, those of us with acute wanderlust continue to look for ways to keep the rewards of globetrotting in our lives.

  • Prospective travelers who use the Kayak travel website can now filter their trips by aircraft model. The company has introduced the feature in the wake of an Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 Max 8 crash on March 8 that killed everybody onboard. This was the second fatal crash for that model airplane. The first was five months ago, in October, that crashed in Indonesia shortly after the Lion Air jet took off. Kayak Chief Technology Officer Giorgos Zacharia said the company received feedback suggesting the website offer filters for aircraft models, which would allow customers to exclude or include different makes. He said the enhancement was a commitment to offering customers the information they needed to ensure confidence while traveling. Many countries’ aviation authorities have ordered that the 373 Max planes not be flown in their airspace. On Wednesday, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration declared they were banning the use of [...]