Speaking Engagement

Tonya Fitzpatrick

Tonya Fitzpatrick inspires people to discover their purpose as a pathway to success, how to embrace the transformative power of travel and navigate the world as a global citizen.

Ian Fitzpatrick

Renowned for eloquence and expertise, Ian Fitzpatrick is a distinguished speaker and authority on managing legal and financial risks.

The breadth of topics covered by Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick ranges from transformational travel and career changes to motivation, transportation, business, podcasting, entrepreneurship, and beyond. Their expertise spans diverse fields, ensuring that their talks are both expansive and relevant to a wide range of audiences. With a keen ability to delve into various subjects, they offer insights and perspectives that inspire action and drive positive change. Whether discussing personal growth or navigating the complexities of business, Tonya and Ian Fitzpatrick deliver engaging presentations that leave a lasting impact.

Sample Program Descriptions

Discovering Your Purpose Through Your Passion

Identify the stressors that may be holding you back from living a purpose-driven life. Understand the steps it takes to discover your passion and learn why you may already know what it is.

Finding Truth in an Era of Fake News and Fearmongering

Break through the noise of sensationalized news reports that keep you from traveling, connecting with others or experiencing the wonderful surprises that the world has to offer. Enjoy an opportunity to further develop the cultural intelligence that it takes to navigate the world in business and for personal fulfillment.

Career Transitions – Detour Ahead: How to Navigate a Career Change

Learn why the role of networking in advancing social capital, the importance of strong communication skills in articulating personal brand essence, and the importance of the fundamental principles of education. Be prepared to elevate yourself and initiate steps toward living the life of your dreams!

Find your WHY to Find your WAY

This motivational and thought-provoking talk is aimed at helping people who feel stuck or confused to help them identify their purpose and then map out a plan to move towards something they are passionate about.

In this talk Tonya shares WHY she left a stellar career in law and politics to become a multi award-winning travel journalist. By leaning into her WHY Tonya has seen incredible opportunities open up for her including an appointment as Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (63rd) and her acceptance into the prestigious Explorer’s Club.

Tonya shares the questions she asked and the steps she took to uncover her WHY. She also provides tips to help others get unstuck.