Bronze cellist in front of ocean and gay pride flags. LGBTQ Gay Travel

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness.”

– Mark Twain

LGBTQ travel promotes the places and activities that are friendly to a growing, dynamic and mobile market that many destinations welcome with specific marketing appeals.  From finding hospitable destinations and activities that support the LGBTQ community, this tourism niche is highly sought by destinations, travel suppliers and tour operators around the globe who know and respect the power of the “Pink Economy.”

Many LGBTQ community friendly countries are offering the comfort and leisure of travel keeping in mind the safety and ease of travel. Several places are now being identified as LGBT friendly destinations. And we all accept the fact that no one should be devoid of the joys of traveling irrespective of their sexual preferences. Acceptance, safety and understanding is crucial for promotion of  LGBTQ tourism across the globe.

  • Some wonderful travel options are available to the LGBTQ+ community, where travel can be enjoyed without fear of discrimination or violence.

  • Cities across the States get a little more colorful as groups of people come together to celebrate Pride each year in June, with rainbow flags and clothes to symbolize gay pride.

  • As travel opens up again, summer vacation mode is in full force, so we're looking towards places that are inclusive and welcoming of each and every traveller. We have created a list of top LGBTQ+ destinations to visit this summer that are fun for the whole family.

  • It’s hard to imagine that the capital city of a country as welcoming and vibrant as Spain was under dictator rule until as recently as 1975. A nation that was torn apart by civil war has slowly been brought back together to what it is now — a place full of so much beauty that is the second most internationally visited country in the world.

  • Join World Footprints as we interview a friend and Knight Wallace Journalism Fellow about the challenges facing LGBTQ+ travelers and hear from a digital nomad about her life on the road. First, travel journalist, Michael Luongo, has researched and written about the role travel journalism plays in tourism development in conflict zones and urban areas under stress. Michael also has his pulse on travel issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community including the considerations that go into travelling around the world for Gay travelers. Then, if you’ve ever dreamed of a life full of travel but have never taken the plunge, you can vicariously experience the digital nomadic life through our interview with Kellie Paxian. Kellie joined us from South Africa where she’d been for the previous three months. At the time of our call she was planning to explore more of South Africa before moving on Bali. Hear how she does [...]

  • World Footprints returned to New Orleans for our 7th annual French Quarter Festival 2-hour broadcast.  This year we set up at Tableau Restaurant, Dickie Brennan's newest culinary gem in Jackson Square.   The first hour of World Footprints showcase New Orleans international outreach, the arts and history.  We introduce a hidden gem, The New Orleans Historic Collection.  The Historic Collection  is a museum, research center, and publisher dedicated to the study and preservation of the history and culture of New Orleans and the Gulf South region.  This year they are showcasing homegrown stars, The Boswell Sisters, and we are joined by the exhibit's curator Mark Cave.   We are pleased to introduce the granddaughter of Vet Boswell, Kyla Titus, who joins us to share treasured memories, her new book and her work to keep the memory of The Boswell Sisters alive. We also talk about a special event that the world is sharing this year--the 70th anniversary of the landing [...]