World Map painted on hands

With 195 countries in the world (the ISO submits there are 249 countries) a traveler can go in any direction but a compass will keep them from getting lost.

The very word Compass comes from the Latin word com meaning together and passus meaning step or pace. This means it is an amazing symbol for travelers and those who travel together or meet each other on their journey. So basically, compass means to step together or to travel together. Not only is the term compass used for travel but by its very definition it means to travel. This is one reason the compass is a favorite symbol for those who love to ‘step together’.

We have titled this page Compass as a way to figuratively direct you to the destinations around the world. Here you don't need a passport and you won't have to travel far in order explore the world. Your navigation of the world begins with your fingertips as your click through World Footprints to discover the world through the stories throughout this site.

Visit destinations around the globe from the different continents, countries and even cities that we've featured. The list of destinations is not exhaustive and new country and city links will be added on this page a few times a year.

The travel content under the Compass tab is the best comprehensive guide to help you with your travel planning and the discovery of the places that you want to visit and learn more about.