Fashion & Style

Fashion & Style

Fashion Week DC. Photo by Tonya Fitzpatrick

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”

– Coco Chanel

Explore the captivating nexus between travel and fashion, where cultural immersion fuels creativity and shapes global style. From the vibrant hues of distant lands to the rich tapestry of diverse cultures, every journey influences the latest trends seen on runways from New York to Milan.

As travelers engage with new ideas and experiences, the exchange of cultural perspectives sparks innovation in clothing, interior design, and beyond. From haute couture to home decor, travel serves as a boundless wellspring of inspiration for designers and stylists worldwide.

While we often associate travel with glamour and luxury, it also serves as a dynamic source of inspiration for the fashion industry. Delve into the world of fashion travel and uncover the hidden connections between jet-setting lifestyles and trendsetting designs.


  • Enjoy a conversation with Ansel Adams’ family and gain some success principles from Mahisha Dellinger, Founder and CEO of CURLS ...on World Footprints.

  • Max Mara, a multi-billion dollar Italian fashion label, has been blasted on social media for stealing the traditional clothing designs of the Oma, a tiny ethnic minority in Southeast Asia.

  • The Editor-and-chief of National Geographic Traveler, Keith Bellows, joins World Footprints Radio to talk about the magazine, travel storytelling, his upcoming travel book for children, and his never ending quest for discovering different cultures. Then, because culinary treasures are a manifestation of culture, Shelley Galloway from the newly opened Buddha Bar DC, the newest member of the internationally renowned Buddha bar group, will offer a culinary journey that promises to delight every palate. (Note:  Buddha Bar DC has recently closed.  The food was fantastic as was the ambience.) Finally, Tonya and Ian will introduce a celebrated jewelry designer, Monique Pean, whose socially-conscious and culturally-inspired designs have been featured in the major fashion magazines and have been donned by a who’s who of celebrities including first lady Michelle Obama. Keith Bellows This show is dedicated to our friend, Keith Bellows, a visionary journalist, author, and globetrotter who was editor-in-chief of National [...]

  • Today we’ll embark on an around the world race with skipper Donald Lawson, we’ll journey among the people of the rainforest with Maya Roads author Mary Jo McConahay.

  • In honor of our Nations’ heroes this Veterans Day, we are pleased to introduce you to animal trainer Clarissa Black, founder of Pets for Vets—an organization that serves veterans and shelter animals.  The Pets for Vets program is dedicated to providing a second chance for shelter pets by rescuing, training and pairing them with America’s veterans who could benefit from a companion animal. Then CBS Soap fans will enjoy our interview with the dashing Don Diamont from the Bold and the Beautiful (B&B).  Most known for his character as “Dollar Bill” Spencer on B&B and formerly as Brad Carlton on the Young and the Restless, Don joins us to talk about his illustrious film and television career and his work with the  National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Finally, we have all heard about the approaching end of the Maya calendar on December 21, 2012.  Certainly Hollywood has sensationalized what the Maya [...]

  • Today World Footprints will follow the path of a music revolution on two coasts, we’ll explore all things travel with travel journalist Everett Potter and we’ll visit an eco-fashion boutique. Known as the mother of Afro-Beat, music legend Sandra Iszadore has lent her voice to advance humanitarian causes.  As a civil rights activist Sandra also helped shape the music and the message of Africa’s revolutionary voice Fela Anikulapo Kuti.  Sandra’s influence was so profound that she has been immortalized in Fela’s autobiography and Broadway hit, Fela!  Sandra continues to fight for the human rights of others with her mic.  We’ll chat about all things travel with travel journalist Everett Potter.  Everett is the editor and publisher of Everett Potter’s Travel Report—an online newsletter that the Wall Street Journal calls “a source for finding great travel values”.  Everett has been traveling professionally for over 2 decades and has written for a [...]