Podcast Guidelines for World Footprint

World Footprint’s mission: World Footprints is a socially minded travel media company that bridges differences, fosters cultural intelligence, captures the essence of a destination, and inspires meaningful travel. We invite our readers to examine the cultural roots of a destination, to view a locale with a new mindset, and/or to explore travel through a specific interest or social cause. We seek to share stories that spark curiosity and shift points of view.

Audience: World Footprints speaks to avid travelers of all ages who bring a sophisticated understanding of the world to their trips. Our audience recognize that we all share a common humanity but are interested in exploring and understanding differences through authentic accounts of a country, city or region, and the people who live there.

Segment Topics:  Offering more than just travel advice, World Footprints provides written, audio and video accounts of behind-the-scenes experiences and human-interest stories. We want our listeners and readers to have an authentic, vicarious travel experience through our website. Stories need to reflect World Footprints mission of socially minded travel either explicitly or implicitly in its focus.

We welcome segment pitches from anyone within the travel industry including, but not limited to authors, non-profits, artists and travelers.  Sorry, but we are only able to respond to queries that interest us. Before pitching a segment idea evaluate it against our guidelines and review past podcasts to make sure you can offer something fresh and relevant.  New interviews must fit within one of our four core areas:

  • Compass (destination articles that offer unique perspectives)
  • Travel by Design (special interest/niche travel)
  • Cultural Heritage (the people and things that have influenced the personality of a destination)
  • Global Citizenship (stories that focus on important global issues)

What we don’t want:

  • No sweeping generalizations or stereotypes.
  • No clichés.
  • No guidebook summaries.


Interview Length and Process:  Interviews are recorded via Skype and last anywhere between 9 –18 minutes in length.  Each interview will fit within one of four podcast segments within our hour-long show.  Depending on production backlog most new segments will air within one month after recording.  Our team will schedule your interview and assist with question development where needed.   

Note:  We require a review copy of all books we showcase.

Guest Photos:  Please provide your headshot and bio prior to your interview so that we can develop your guest page.

Rights & reposting policy:   Please reference the World Footprints LLC  Copyright Policy.  World Footprints LLC maintains all rights to content on WorldFootprints.com and World Footprints LLC managed assets.  Guests may repost their interview on their blogs, websites, and social media sites if they have a link back to the original article.