Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Beautiful image of a spa setup by a waterfall is a healthy and wellness travel experience.

“What drains your spirit drains your body. What fuels your spirit fuels your body”

– Caroline Myss

We all know that traveling has indisputable and numerous health benefits. Mental health is equally as important as physical health so it’s important that we commit to holistic ways to nourish our bodies and minds before, during and after traveling.

Health and Wellness travel is in great demand these days. Traveling for health and wellness is not an excuse rather it’s self-love. Enhancing personal well-being is a good lifestyle choice and traveling for the same is a great decision. So, go ahead and take a break!

Wellness travel is a good way to take up some healthy habits and opt for a long term wellness plan and re-prioritize one’s life’s choices. Spa and yoga holidays are the most popular wellness getaways (Namaste)but, as you see below, there are so many other options to feed your mind, body and soul.

  • Explore the remarkable journey of Mathilde Thomas and Dr. Joseph Vercauteren, who harnessed the anti-aging power of grape seeds to create the renowned Caudalie skincare line. Discover the world of vinotherapy and luxurious wine spas that help you turn back the hands of time.

  • It feels like second-nature now, packing hand sanitisers in our bags, getting our temperatures taken at checkpoints, and having face-masks at the ready. So what trends can we expect to see in post-pandemic travel?

  • With the recent tragedy of the Titan submersible that claimed the lives of five souls (two of whom were fellow Explorer Club members) when it imploded during a deep underwater excursion to the Titanic and the rise of space tourism, hyper-extreme adventure and extreme adventure experiences are gaining more attention in the media and with travelers.

  • Meet The Travel Doctor . Broken bones. Skin rashes. Travelers diarehea. COVID and… There are many accidents, illnesses and medical mishaps that happen when we’re traveling and now we have COVID to add to the list. So what should travelers do to remain healthy and safe? Luckily, the Travel Doctor is IN and she will provide insights and answer some frequently asked travel-related medical questions to help travelers stay healthy. Dr. Yvette McQueen, is our travel doctor . She is a travel enthusiast who travels for pleasure and work as an emergency physician. She’s on a mission to educate about health, travel, wellness and disease prevention. She is an Emergency Medicine physician and Travel Doctor; working as a physician across the US and the Caribbean.  She is a travel group physician ensuring healthy and safe travel of the clients before and during the international trip Dr. McQueen knows a thing [...]

  •   Feeling stressed and anxious in your daily life is not surprising. Between tension at work, difficulty juggling your professional and personal life, and other issues, you may be struggling to get through most weeks. While making permanent changes can be the best way to relieve stress and anxiety in the long run, you can also make an immediate move to feel better. Sometimes even watching videos of relaxing and faraway destinations can make you feel excited about going on a trip to places to go to relieve stress. Such places often look so inviting, as though they are saying “come here to meditate and relax.” Going on vacation is not only about seeing new places and having unique experiences. It enables you to get away from the daily grind of getting up, going to work, running errands, and coming back to the same house or apartment. By taking a [...]

  •   Going on an off-grid trip, such as camping, can be both an exciting and stressful experience. Among other things, you must consider food, safety, and entertainment. Another stressful aspect of such trips is the power supply, as you must keep your devices and appliances running. It’s where a portable generator comes in handy; they allow you to enjoy nature while also having fun with your gadgets.  Portable generators provide enough power throughout your trip without taking up much space or being too heavy to carry. Portable generators are not only essential in trips but also in homes during power outages and in construction sites without power supply. This post will explain why you should have a portable generator for your next trip. You Can Use It For Other Activities  One of the significant advantages of investing in a portable generator is that you’ll not only use it on off-grid [...]

  •   A lot of people are curious about what it takes to become a travel nurse. Some people assume that you need to have a higher education in order to do this type of work. This is not always the case! In this blog post, we will discuss the requirements for becoming a travel nurse and dispel some of the myths that are out there. Stay tuned for more information! What is a travel nurse and what do they do? If you're a registered nurse that loves to travel, then a travel nursing job may be perfect for you! Travel nurses are in high demand across the country as they provide much needed medical care to remote and rural communities. Travel nurses typically work 13-week assignments, with the option to extend their stay if they enjoy the area. During their assignment, they live in temporary housing provided by the hospital [...]

  • While rabies occurs in more than 150 countries and territories and causes around 59,000 deaths worldwide each year, many travellers don’t fully understand the risks.

  • Eating in new and exciting places — and experiencing unfamiliar flavors — has always been a highlight of my travels. But on long trips, dining out every meal can become taxing and expensive, and when you’re staying in a hotel, there isn’t always a way to prepare your own food (nor is this a desirable option for everyone).

  • The COVID pandemic has given rise to a new global travel trend called vaccine vacations or vaxcations, for short.

  • The past year (and then some) has left most people responsibly stuck at home, abiding by travel restrictions and doing their part not to spread the virus. This has come with many challenges in the mental health realm that have made us realize just how important travel is for our wellbeing.

  • Cruise travel is at a standstill during this period of uncertainty with the Covid-19 pandemic. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has sent out a request for information related to cruise ship embarkation and planning and infrastructure. This measure is an effort by the CDC to develop a strategy to prevent, mitigate, and respond to the spread of the virus on cruise ships. The No Sail Order extension by the CDC dated July 16 is the most recent one since it was extended on April 15. This extension will hold through September 30, 2020, and it suspends passenger operations on cruise ships in waters subject to U.S. jurisdiction. Since placing the No Sail Order CDC has worked with cruise lines to bring crew members back home, requiring cruise lines to sign and submit an attestation. The 28-question list compiled by the CDC is open to persons and organizations [...]