The Travel Doctor is IN

The Travel Doctor is IN

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Aired on June 3, 2023

Meet The Travel Doctor .

Broken bones. Skin rashes. Travelers diarehea. COVID and… There are many accidents, illnesses and medical mishaps that happen when we’re traveling and now we have COVID to add to the list. So what should travelers do to remain healthy and safe?

Luckily, the Travel Doctor is IN and she will provide insights and answer some frequently asked travel-related medical questions to help travelers stay healthy.

Dr. Yvette McQueen, is our travel doctor . She is a travel enthusiast who travels for pleasure and work as an emergency physician. She’s on a mission to educate about health, travel, wellness and disease prevention. She is an Emergency Medicine physician and Travel Doctor; working as a physician across the US and the Caribbean.  She is a travel group physician ensuring healthy and safe travel of the clients before and during the international trip

Dr. McQueen knows a thing or two about the ailments that travelers often face. She is the go-to person for medical advice when she’s traveling with others and she’s used her experiences and knowledge to write a couple of books offering medical advice to the traveling community. As a locums physician, Dr. McQueen, travels to different places to provide medical assistance. She will tell us what traveling during COVID has been like for her as a medical professional.

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The Travel Doctor is IN

Traveling is all fun and full of adventure until you get into a medical problem. There can be situations like jet lag, infections, injuries, sickness, etc., especially in times like COVID. So, what should you do to prevent situations like these?

Worry not! In this episode, our Travel Doctor, Dr. Yvette McQueen, is with us to guide you about medical solutions and tell some medical secrets that every traveler should know.

Dr. Yvette McQueen is a travel enthusiast who travels for pleasure and works as an emergency physician. She’s on a mission to educate about health, travel, wellness, and disease prevention. Having traveled extensively, Dr. McQueen is well aware of many of the ailments travelers encounter. She’s the go-to person for medical advice when traveling with others, and she’s used her experiences and knowledge to write a couple of books offering medical advice to the traveling community. As a locum physician, Dr. McQueen travels to different places to provide medical assistance.

The host and guest talk about the necessities that every traveler should take with them, solutions to various medical issues that travelers often face, travel insurance and why one should take it, how a vaccine works, when you should travel, and much more.

Tune in now!


● [02:12] – What attracted her to practicing medicine?
● [03:04] – When did the travel bug hit her?
● [05:28] – About her book Travel 911
● [07:50] – Basic things that every traveler should think about
● [10:27] – Travelling during the pandemic
● [12:44] – What should one do for their protection?
● [15:16] – Dr. Yvette’s views on vaccine distribution
● [19:09] – We shouldn’t be quick to travel abroad
● [21:34] – Vivid and health care system in Bermuda
● [22:34] – The Most common and unusual medical issue that Dr. Yvette had to address
● [23:03] – Necessities that travelers should take with them
● [25:06] – About Hippocrates: The Father of Medicine


What attracted her towards studying medicine

Since high school, she has loved studying Biology, Chemistry. She didn’t have any life-altering decision that made her go into emergency medicine. She likes solving problems (often, there are a lot of puzzles in the emergency department) and taking care of patients.

The desire to travel

The travel bug hit her when she was young. She had a pen pal in West Germany when she was in junior high school. Her first solo trip was to Germany to visit her pen pal. After that, she was addicted to traveling.

Traveling as a physician

When it comes to traveling as a physician, she doesn’t have much time to explore the surroundings. She studies while she is traveling by train. But after she completes her mission as a doctor, she takes some time off and builds her traveling.

Her books Travelpedia and Travel 911

Travel 911 is a lead from her previous book called Travelpedia. Travelpedia is a guide on how to travel efficiently, healthily, and safely. Dr. Yvette used to go on different group trips when she was a travel doctor in US and Caribbean. Often her groupmates used to get sick, and she cured them. This made her realize that this needs to become a practice. So, she wrote her first book that guided people about various infectious diseases, fixing injuries and wounds, etc.

The book Travelpedia starts with how you get a passport, what you need to pack, how you determine where you’re going to travel, how to stay safe, and some common medical problems. While Travel 911 has chapters like how to prevent jetlag, what you need to do for high altitude sickness before going on a mountain, what you need to take with you etc.

Dr. Yvette’s 3 Tips for travelers

1. Always be hydrated
Hydration is key. And it’s going to help you prevent, cure, or help a lot of illnesses and sicknesses. Because if you stay well hydrated, it keeps your skin moist. It keeps your bones and joints good, your digestive system going, and it also helps with jetlag. It reduces the risk of jetlag.

2. Get proper sleep
Sleep is important for wellness in all aspects. But often, due to the excitement of going on a trip and visiting a new place, people avoid proper sleep. Sleep helps with the immune system, staying safe and healthy, and keeping away from distractions.

3. Always get travel insurance.
Always get travel insurance, particularly if you’re going international. A great lesson from COVID everyone should get is to get travel insurance because many people face issues with delayed flights or loss of bags. It also helps you when you’re in another country and get sick. Because other countries don’t take your Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, Blue Cross, Tricare, etc. They want a credit card. Traveling with the medical component not only helps you to pay for anything related to medical issues but also to fly to a first-world country for medical treatment.


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