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Photo of Military Honor taken by Tonya Fitzpatrick

Salute to Patriotism and Statesmanship

Join us for conversations with two of America’s finest as we thank them for their service and learn whether deployment overseas changed how they travel … Read more

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Northern Lights over Svalbard

Svalbard: No Visa Required and Traveling Unplugged

Explore the open boarder Norwegian archipelago island of Svalbard and hear from someone who disconnected in order to reconnect with others while traveling.
Statute in Freedom Park showing civil rights leaders.

In the Footsteps of Birmingham’s Civil Rights Movement (Lowell Thomas Award-Winning show)

We will walk through civil rights history in Birmingham, Alabama and visit iconic sites like the 16th Street Baptist Church along the way.
Signage of America's Route 66

Traveling Route 66 and Crossing Europe in an RV

Enjoy a tiny taste of Iceland while you hear about the quirky and iconic things along Route 66 and the joys of traversing Europe in an RV.

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