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Notre Dame de Dinant

1,000 Places To See with Wanderlust

Join World Footprints for our conversation with New York Times bestselling author Patricia Schultz and Avalon Travel’s Grace Fujimoto about their newest books, the Deluxe … Read more

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Piano in nature

Profiles: John Schneider and Kendol Bacchus

World Footprints chats with two extraordinary artists, actor/singer John Schneider and pianist Kendol Bachhus, who share their life journeys and favorite travel experiences.
Yosemite National Park was a favorite place of Ansel Adams.

Insights: Ansel Adams and Mahisha Dellinger

Join us for a conversation with Ansel Adams’ family and gain some success principles from Mahisha Dellinger, Founder and CEO of CURLS.
Photo of Military Honor taken by Tonya Fitzpatrick

Salute to Patriotism and Statesmanship

Join us for conversations with two of America’s finest as we thank them for their service and learn whether deployment overseas changed how they travel the world today

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