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Celebrating Black History – In Literary Color

Step into the words and paintings of award-winning writers and artists as we celebrate black history in literary color. Award-winning artist Michele Wood’s work reflects…

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A house along Pennsylvania's underground railroad.

Traveling the Underground Railroad from Virginia to Ontario

World Footprints travels along one path of the Underground Railroad starting in Norfolk, Virginia up to Buxton, Ontario and we'll stop in Gettyburg, Pennsylvania and Lewiston, New York on this road to freedom.
Statute in Freedom Park showing civil rights leaders.

In the Footsteps of Birmingham’s Civil Rights Movement (Lowell Thomas Award-Winning show)

We will walk through civil rights history in Birmingham, Alabama and visit iconic sites like the 16th Street Baptist Church along the way.
A whirligig from the Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park.  Photo:  Tonya Fitzpatrick

Reviving North Carolina Towns through Art and Tourism

Join us as we experience the art of central and eastern North Carolina and get a history lesson aboard the Confederate Ironclad ship the CSS Neuse II. Plus, Learn the secrets of barbeque from a master cook...on World Footprints radio.

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