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Helen Hernandez, CEO of NATJA

Profile: Helen Hernandez, CEO of the North American Travel Journalists Association (Part 1)

Helen Hernandez has worn a lot of hats in a storied career that’s taken her from the trenches of labor union activism to becoming the…

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Stop Racism hands

Author Janet Cheatham Bell on Literature, American History and Travel

Having lived through America’s Civil Rights Movement, author Janet Cheatham Bell joins World Footprints to reflect on her life journey from a segregated Indiana to her interracial marriage that defied the laws of the era.
Black man reading

Controlling the Narratives on Race, Transformation and Travel

Do you wonder who will tell your story and how you’ll be portrayed? Author and Publisher Ardre Orie joins World Footprints to discuss the power of storytelling, narratives on race and, of course, travel.
Anietra catching the last evac flight out of India.

Escape from India during COVID-19 (Part 3 Final)

This conclusion of Escape from India during COVID-19 continues with Anietra sharing more of the roller coaster ordeal that took her and Ian from hope to hopelessness and back.

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