8 Must-Have Apps Families Can Use During The Holiday Season

8 Must-Have Apps Families Can Use During The Holiday Season

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Posted December 19, 2019

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There are thousands of smartphone apps that can help people find restaurants, stores and other things around town or on vacation. And, just like adults have their favorites, kids have favorites for themselves. Use their apps to help you keep your sanity and them occupied while you’re busy traveling during this holiday season. What are some worthwhile apps to consider for your next road or airline trip for both you and your kids?

Flight Aware

This app is necessary for anyone who has moved through a packed airport terminal during the holiday season. Flight Aware keeps you informed of gate changes, flight delays, etc. You can even set up an airport pick-up to avoid the needless wait in traffic.


A canceled flight is just as bad as a repeated Christmas song at a store. However, with Freebird, you can avoid this problem. Two days before the flight, you can pay a small $19 fee to make sure everybody on the flight makes it to where they need to go. If weather or overbooking affects your flight, the app will automatically book you on the next available flight, even giving you upgrades if needed.


When traveling with a baby, it can be difficult to find a sanitary place to change your child’s diaper. Talk about an unhappy child while traveling. With the KIDzOUT app, you’ll have a source of information from other parents on where to find suitable diaper-changing facilities, family-friendly restaurants and playgrounds.


While Netflix is a no-no for most months, Christmastime is usually much different. Boot up the Netflix app with all their favorite shows to calm down your kids while you wait for your next flight. Ensure yourself a more peaceful trip.


How many times have you gone on a trip and realized you forgot something? With PackPoint, you can avoid this, as the app helps with preparations before leaving. It will suggest items you need to pack based on the trip you’re taking, the weather expected, etc.

PeaPod Labs Educational Apps

If you’re not happy with the idea of letting your kids watch cartoons for hours, consider some learning apps. PeaPod will educate them while also keeping them occupied. These lessons teach them about their numbers and letters along with music, animals, etc.


On road trips, you get to spend time enjoying and exploring the outdoors. While this can be great for the adults, for kids, not so much. Consider the RADIO.COM app to pacify your children, which offers Christmas music and various other shows within the last 24 hours that you can choose from.

Sound Sleeper

A noisy environment can alter a child’s sleeping schedule, but with a white noise app, you can lull your baby to sleep even in a bustling airport.

Written by contributor Susan Powell.  Source: KNX1070

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